'Level Up' was released the first script reading

May 9, 2019

MBN new drama "Level Up" is a romantic comedy drama that is struggling to release a new game, which is a restructuring specialist with the regeneration rate of 100%, Andante (Seong Hoon) and Game Deok Hwa Shin .

On the first script reading site, there are a lot of people in the field, including Kim Sang Soo, Kim Dong Gyu, Sung Hoon (An Dan Te), Han Bo Reum (Shin Yeon Hwa), Ahn Danny (Park Gil Woo), Kang Byul (Kim Hoon).

Prior script reading start, Director Kim Sang Soo revealed a strong aspiration saying, "I will do my best to work safely and happily until the end of the work." "It is very heartwarming to see actors and staff members. I wish I could finish it well without an accident, "Kim Dong-Gyu's enthusiastic response to the writer's words led to a friendly atmosphere.

Sung Hoon turned to the cold-blooded Andante, whose eyes were always cold, as he began to read the script, and added a rich flavor to his ambassadors by adjusting his strength. One-on-one, who is also a passionate game company development manager, Shin Yong Yoon, has also announced the birth of Rocco couples, who have been loving the colorful emotions and plump ambassadors and blooming Sung-Hoon and Tie-Tae Sung chemistries.

Yoo Sung CRC's managing director, Andante's best friend Park Gil-woo, Denian, Andante, and entertainment representative pear-shaped vegetable Kangbu and Yoo Sung CRC new employee Kwak Han-cheol, . In addition to that, I was filled with a delightful smile, and the scene was full of pleasant smiles because of the feast of character characters and actors' unexpected heat.

The "Level Up" on air Wednesday at July 10.


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