MOMOLAND’s JooE Fangirls About 2NE1 In Front Of Sandara Park

MOMOLAND’s JooE shared a sweet moment with Sandara Park on “Real Men 300.”
On December 14, the cast boarded a bus to go to receive tandem jump training.
JooE sat next to Sandara Park and asked her to recite a poem she wrote the night before. Sandara Park previously read out loud a poem that she wrote using the lyrics of Shakra’s “Han.” JooE asked, “Can you do it one more time?” and Sandara recited her poem while dancing.
After saying, “For my generation, it’s this,” JooE sang 2NE1’s “I Am the Best.” She continued, “I’ve liked you since ‘Lollipop.’ I used that cell phone too.” JooE used the slang “in-ssa” (short for insider) to describe 2NE1 at the time, but Sandara Park had a difficult time understanding the new slang.
andara Park replied, “I’m already an outsider.” JooE immediately rapped a verse by Outsider, making everyone laugh. Oh Yoon Ah commented, “I’m sorry I can’t give you reactions,” and JooE replied, “It’s okay. I usually play well by myself.”

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