Moon Chae Won And Lee Joon Gi Are Loving Parents Worried About Their Daughter In “Flower Of Evil”

Jul 27, 2020

tvN’s upcoming drama “Flower of Evil” has shared new stills of Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won as doting parents.
“Flower of Evil” will follow the story of Baek Hee Sung (played by Lee Joon Gi), a man who hides his past and pretends to love his wife Cha Ji Won (played by Moon Chae Won). As a detective, Cha Ji Won begins to grow suspicious of her husband, and the couple is ultimately forced to confront a dark truth they never wanted to face.
Baek Hee Sung is a family man who takes on most of the responsibilities at home in order to make life easier for his wife, a busy detective. Although Cha Ji Won is brimming with sharp deductions and investigative skills when it comes to her job, she is easygoing and relaxed when she’s with her husband and their daughter Baek Eun Ha (played by Jung Seo Yeon).
The new stills show Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji Won rushing to their daughter, who has a nosebleed after a fight with another child. Cha Ji Won’s face is full of worry as she looks over her daughter’s face, while Baek Hee Sung has a firm but determined smile on his face as he gets up. The moment reflects the two parents’ love for their child, a moment that contrasts with the tension that will come in the future as Baek Hee Sung’s world begins to crumble.
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“Flower of Evil” is set to premiere on July 29 at 10:50 p.m. KST and will be available on Dramacool.
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Source: [Soompi]