Moon Chae Won’s Agency Explains Her Instagram Was Hacked + Plans To Take Action Against Rumors Related To Jung Joon Young

Mar 14, 2019

Moon Chae Won’s agency has stated that her Instagram account has been hacked and announced they will be taking action against malicious rumors linking her to Jung Joon Young’s ongoing controversy.
Following the recent news that illegal hidden camera footage of women was shared by Jung Joon Young and more in a group chatroom, there have been rumors and speculation about female celebrities who may have been victims of the illicit filming. In addition, on the morning of March 13, Moon Chae Won’s Instagram account reportedly was seen to have “liked” a post by Jung Joon Young.
On March 13, Namoo Actors issued the following statement:
Hello, this is Namoo Actors.
We are here to officially address the hacking of Moon Chae Won’s personal social media account as well as the malicious rumors.
It seemed Moon Chae Won’s Instagram account was hacked today, so after checking with Moon Chae Won herself, she confirmed she didn’t do anything. Since then, we have taken urgent action such as changing the password. We will formally request the Cyber Investigation Department to investigate illegal acts that violate the privacy and create instability for our artists.
We will also take a strong stand against the current online community and certain malicious rumors spread through social networking and instant messaging concerning our actress Moon Chae Won. She was acquainted with Jung Joon Young as a co-worker in the entertainment industry, but the rumors are actually groundless and we are very angry at the absurdity.
Therefore, we will create and place civil and criminal responsibility on those who spread character-breaking malicious rumors. In addition, we will take strong measures against the spread and reproduction of false information hidden in anonymity.
In the future, Namoo Actors will continue to actively respond to damages to the reputation and character of our artists. Please send relevant information to [email protected]
Thank you.

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