Nana And Jang Ki Yong Share Excitement About Their Chemistry In New Drama “Kill It”


OCN’s upcoming weekend drama “Kill It” has released two new stills showing lead actors NaNa and Jang Ki Yong together.


“Kill It” will tell the story of Kim Soo Hyun, a veterinarian who is hiding his past of being a killer, and Do Hyun Jin, a detective chasing after a serial killer. The drama is set to delight viewers with fast-paced action and a tension-filled storyline.




Nana also seemed happy with their work as she said, “Jang Ki Yong is very thoughtful and is open to other opinions. The atmosphere on set is so great that we became friends very quickly, and that’s helped us in our work as well. Our chemistry is so great that I’m excited to see how it translates into the drama.”


The production staff added, “Jang Ki Yong and Nana are showing amazing chemistry that continues to grow on location. Though there are many things they have to keep tabs on, they are really enjoying their time filming the drama.”


“Kill It” is set to premiere on OCN on March 23.


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