Park Hae Jin stopped starring 'Four Men', a big conflict with the filmmaker

Nov 22, 2018

Actor Park Hae Jin has not appeared in the movie 'Four Men' since November 1



Initially, Park Hae Jin and Nana took the main role, but due to some conflicts caused by the production problems, most of the cast and crew left. Four Men was shoot earlier this year, due to debts and unpaid wages, the project was forced to stop in May. After changing the new PD, Nana decided to withdraw from the project, and they planned lilming on August 31, was replaced by Lee Si Ah.




Lee Shi A


According to representative Park Hae Jin, the production company Victory Contents has planned to film until October 31. However, the director could not complete filming during that time. In an official press release on Nov. 21, Victory Contents said, "The male lead of 'Four Men' has declined any contact with us. The director, the rest of cast and crew are preparing to work even today. However, the production has to be adjusted when we can not contact the lead actor. "


The representative continued, "We have not been able to contact anyone from his agency since early November. This issue belongs to the main actor management company and we believe it is due to Mr. Hwang, our contact manager. "