Park Hae Jin wants to be a comedian and be a playboy in future projects

Nov 21, 2018

Park Hae Jin recently appeared on the Section TV of MBC which was broadcast on 19/11. Through the program, male celebrities have the opportunity to share and share stories about themselves and their current work. While looking back on his career, the 35-year-old star remarked: "Back then when I first debuted, I really did not know what to do. I was also scolded very much"


After that, the MC asked the actor who he felt the best from before. Park Hae Jin revealed, "In my opinion, Bad Guys is a big turning point in my acting career. The character is clever and it's really cool" . When asked about the kind of roles he would like to perform, Park Hae Jin insisted that he wanted to try more humorous TV dramas while still being psychologically emotional.



The actor went on to say, "I've made the characters clearly defined goals, but I wanted to try a slightly smaller role. Should I say a player? A 'play around' character (idiotic action, idle talk, idle talk, it also means having a relationship with someone other than your spouse).


Park Hae Jin was born in 1983 and entered the movie industry in 2006 through the KBS Family drama series. Impressive, the actor caught the eye of many producers and took on other roles such as Doctor Stranger, Bad Guys, Cheese in the Trap, Man To Man, ... and recently, the actor is taking on the lead role in the Four Men drama.