Park Sung Hoon To Join Nana, Choi Jin Hyuk, And Son Hyun Joo In New Revenge Drama

Apr 10, 2019

Park Sung Hoon has joined the cast of KBS’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Justice”!
Lee Jong Suk
“Justice” will tell the story of a lawyer named Lee Tae Kyung (played by Choi Jin Hyuk), who makes a deal with the devil to seek revenge, and Song Woo Yong (played by Son Hyun Joo), a man who willingly becomes evil for his family. The drama is a social thriller that places these two men head-to-head in a case of serial disappearances of actresses, revealing the hidden side of Korean VVIPs. It will be adapted from a popular web novel published by Jang Ho in 2017 and combines the creative forces of “School 2017” screenwriter Jung Chan Mi and director Jo Woong.
Park Sung Hoon, who rose to popularity through “My Only One,” will be taking on the role of Tak Soo Ho, a simple and approachable vice-chairman of a large company. Tak Soo Ho has gained interest from the public for his simple and robust image. This makes it difficult for people to imagine him as a second-generation chaebol that’s the actual owner of the Jung Jin Group, which falls within the top 10 in South Korea’s financial world. However, nobody knows about his true self that’s hidden behind his proper attitude. Tak Soo Ho, who is a figure that is hidden behind a veil, will raise tension among the viewers as he gets mixed up in a bad relationship with Seo Yeon Ah (played by Nana) and Lee Tae Kyung.
Last year, Park Sung Hoon won the Best New Actor award at the 2018 KBS Drama Awards for his acting in “My Only One” and “Black Knight.” In particular, he left a deep impression on viewers in “My Only One” as the nation’s son-in-law, Jang Go Rae. Through his role as Tak Soo Ho in “Justice,” the actor is expected to showcase new charms with the acting experience he’s gained through drama, film, theater, and other various genres.
The production staff shared, “Park Sung Hoon, who has shown his stable acting skills in every project, will be working together with Choi Jin Hyuk, Son Hyun Joo, and Nana. [The drama] is built with a lineup of strong leads that will showcase the best synergy. Please show lots of interest and affection until the first episode of “Justice,” which will be coming to viewers with a story of characters overflowing with desire this upcoming July.”
Source: Soompi