Recap: Falling Into Your Smile (2021) Episode 25

Jul 11, 2021

Falling Into Your Smile
In the office, the two of Cheng Ruo couldn’t say a word to Mother Lu, but even though she knew that Mother Lu did not accuse the two of their dating, but instead accused their son of being innocent. Seeing that his son’s oil and salt were not entering, Mother Lu pointed to the nursery rhyme again. Looking at the nervous nursery rhyme, Lu Sicheng held the nursery rhyme’s hand tightly. Seeing her son doing this, Lu’s mother also had a general decision.
Subsequently, with the affirmation of Lu Mu, ZGDX’s official blog also directly announced the two people’s feelings, and at the same time showed the attitude of ZGDX’s full support. Netizens who learned about the official announcement of ZGDX also talked about it. The Yang Shen who had heard the news also became disheartened. Faced with the comfort of his teammates, Yang Shen returned to the room alone.
At the ZGDX team base, the nursery rhyme opened its own live broadcast room against the wind. Faced with the condemnation of netizens, the nursery rhyme also made a strong counterattack. Lu Sicheng was very pleased to see that his dwarf was no longer the only one. Later, Lu Sicheng wanted to show off in front of the nursery rhymes, but slapped her face too quickly, and was killed as soon as he took over. In order to ease the embarrassment, Lu Sicheng had to kiss the nursery rhymes and chose to leave. The fans in the live broadcast room faced the two people’s interaction with each other, and there were mixed praises and criticisms.
Soon, the next game began, and the ZGDX team had a bad start. Facing the veteran team Alpha, the ZGDX team lost the first game. At the beginning of the second game, Alpha continued his routine against Ueno. Soon the old cat had a problem with his mentality and began to accuse the old K. Facing the old cat’s accusation, the old K didn’t respond in kind. The two became emotional. Upon seeing this, Captain Lu Sicheng hurriedly stepped forward to suppress the negative emotions of his teammates. Soon a team battle broke out in the middle.
ZGDX’s Lu Sicheng cooperated with the mid laner and the old K. They struggled to win a wave and regained a little advantage, but the good times did not last, and the ZGDX team battle of Orochi lost again. . In the end, because of K’s lead, Alpha’s talents gave up their plans to leave home. The failed Alpha team continued to regroup and continue to push forward. ZGDX, which had a huge economic gap, was unable to recover, and finally swallowed its first defeat of the season.
Back in the lounge, the conflict between the old cat and the old K continued to intensify, and the old cat left angrily, staring at the back of the old cat, and old K’s eyes were full of anger and fierceness. The crowd broke up and returned to the base. Old K changed the name of the live broadcast room and started the live broadcast. But soon because of the rhythmic remarks made by the fans, the old K was also angry and downloaded it.
The nursery rhyme trying to ease the relationship between teammates went upstairs to discuss with Lu Sicheng, but Lu Sicheng, who was in love for the first time, could not let go of the nursery rhymes, and all teammate relationships were temporarily left behind. Throwing down the nursery rhymes was a kiss. Faced with Lu Sicheng’s hooliganism and nursery rhymes. Angrily pushed Lu Sicheng away. Back downstairs, the old cat came back on the sofa in the living room, nursery rhymes stepped forward to comfort, but the angry old cat did not listen.
Looking at the attitude of the old cat, Lu Sicheng in the stairwell summoned the old cat and old K to talk. The four people sat together, and Lu Sicheng severely accused the two of their various wrong responses in the game and the mistakes that shouldn’t be made. After hearing this, the two felt guilty, but the good-looking two chose to leave. Seeing the appearance of the two, the nursery rhyme once again became a peacemaker. A simple little routine successfully deceived the two, and old K and old cat are also reconciled as before.
The nursery rhyme returned to the room looked at the comments on the Internet, and felt very uncomfortable. At this moment, Lu Sicheng walked into the room to comfort the nursery rhyme. In a few words, the nursery rhyme was persuaded by Lu Sicheng’s very convincing words. Lu Sicheng took the nursery rhyme and kissed him, and then the two hugged tightly.
The next day, Lu Sicheng was forced to participate in an interview held by a partner. In the face of the main person’s question, Lu Sicheng was still tough and did not lower his posture because of the attitude of the fans. Netizens talked a lot because of Lu Sicheng’s attitude, and criticized everywhere. Soon, the sponsor of ZGDX approached Xiaorui and Myoshin, and faced the accusation, they couldn’t tell. At the same time, Chengyao’s parents also called the two to give their care and comfort.
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