Recap: Falling Into Your Smile (2021) Episode 26

Jul 11, 2021

Falling Into Your Smile
The publicity of Chengyao Lian caused a huge chemical reaction on the Internet, and waves of denunciations from netizens became more and more intense. Nursery rhymes and Lu Sicheng were pushed to the forefront, and the ZGDX team was also affected.
Soon, the ZGDX team ushered in a match with the old rival FNC team. At the beginning of the game, the regrouped ZGDX team won the first victory. At the beginning of the second game, the nursery rhyme felt hot, and the perfect match with Lu Sicheng made it easy to win the victory. . After winning, the nursery rhyme was invited to be interviewed as a full-time mvp.
In the face of the interview, the nursery rhyme answered very humorously, making the audience laugh. When the question returned to the topic of her and Lu Sicheng, the nursery rhyme also responded with a powerful force, and the response of the nursery rhyme was also affirmed by the true love fans. At the end of the interview, Lu Sicheng, who was eager for his wife, was waiting outside early. Seeing the nursery rhyme came out, Lu Sicheng stepped forward to comfort. The two people hugged tightly in the unmanned passage.
At the same time, the captains or representatives of the various big teams also stood up to speak for the Chengyao duo. Just when Ai Jia gave a generous speech, Chen Jinyang passed by silently, sending his own taunts, and the other members of the YQCB team laughed. Lao K and Lao Mao also showed that the relationship between the two is very friendly in the live broadcast room, and the people of ZGDX also enthusiastically interacted with the fans.
When everyone was enjoying themselves, the nursery rhyme received a mysterious express from the fans. The nursery rhyme that opened the express was frightened by the contents, and the blade scratched his hand. The people who found that the situation was not right hurried forward, Lu Sicheng picked up the nursery rhyme and bandaged it aside.
The rest of the people also complained about the nursery rhymes. Xiao Rui took the photos and directly called the police after collecting evidence. In the face of this incident, the club also changed the nursery rhymes to the starting position. Hearing the news, Lu Sicheng became very angry and got up after smashing the tactical book.
The runaway Lu Sicheng drove away, and the nursery rhyme went out to check, worried that Lu Sicheng would act impulsively, and sent text messages to appease Lu Sicheng. In the base, Lu Yue and a group of teammates began to adapt the lineup. The nursery rhyme returned to the room curled up on the bed, and the nursery rhyme that couldn’t reach Lu Sicheng’s phone continued to give comfort.
Hearing the nursery rhyme behind the door, he hurriedly got up, but after opening the door, he found that it was not Lu Sicheng. The lost nursery rhyme brought the cat back to the room. The nursery rhyme that hung up the friend’s phone sent a text message asking for a hug to Lu Sicheng, and then fell into a drowsy sleep. In the middle of the night, Lu Sicheng who received the news really came back, and the two hugged to sleep.
There was no words for a night, and the match between ZGDX and CK team started. Lu Sicheng was very aggressive in the match, as if only murder can vent his hatred. Everyone in CK team is really dumb and eats Huanglian. The game ended under Lu Sicheng’s torture. After the game, the media talked about Lu Sicheng’s refusal to interview, and even blocked the door of the ZGDX team. Facing the forced questioning, Lu Sicheng responded indifferently, while Lu Yue on the side was unbearable and yelled at the media for being troublesome.
Only after the express delivery incident, Lu Sicheng became a lot colder, even if it was a nursery rhyme, Lu Sicheng did not give a good face. Helpless nursery rhymes find good sisters to complain. Back at the base, the nursery rhyme wandered on the bed and began to recall the events of the past few days. She couldn’t sleep and listened to the recording of Lu Sicheng repeatedly. The sad nursery rhyme got up to wash his face in the toilet to cover up his tears. Facing the pressure, the nursery rhyme also began to doubt whether he and Lu Sicheng were right or wrong at one time.
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