Recap: Good Every Day (2021) Episode 7

Apr 3, 2021

Good Every Day
After entering the door, Zhang Yangyang asked who He Daye was. Zhang Meng didn’t know how to explain, and could only say that it was a homeless aunt, which made Zhang Yangyang a little sympathetic to He Daye. Zhang Meng cooked for Zhang Yangyang, and he packed a portion for He Daye when he ate, and asked Zhang Yangyang to send it to He Daye after he finished eating. Zhang Yangyang didn’t want to wait for the food to be cold, so he put down his chopsticks and sent the food to He Daye first.
He Daye refused to eat Zhang Meng’s food. Zhang Yangyang immediately asked He Daye if he was losing weight. This made He Daye nervous when he heard it, thinking she looked scared. Zhang Yangyang told He Daye that He Daye was not fat at all, but like his mother, he always clamored to lose weight. He Daye heard Zhang Yangyang talk about his mother, so he asked about Zhang Yangyang’s mother. Only then did he know that Zhang Meng was divorced and lived with Zhang Yangyang alone.
He Daye was polite to not want the food delivered by Zhang Yangyang, but she was really hungry, so she could only force herself to drink more water to make her stomach full. Luo Chang ate skewers with Liu Dan. Liu Dan accidentally said something exactly like what He Daye said, which made him think of He Daye. At the beginning, Luo Chang and He Daye divorced. He Daye pretended to be strong. He had a skewers meal with Luo Chang and said the same things Liu Dan just said.
Liu Dan saw that Luo Chang was in a daze, and he understood that he was thinking about his ex-wife, because Luo Chang had been thinking about it since he didn’t answer the phone call today. She felt that the phone call must be related to Luo Chang’s ex-wife. Liu Dan persuaded Luo Chang to reconcile with his ex-wife, and Luo Chang, like He Daye, said the impossible. This made Liu Dan think that Luo Chang and He Daye were really in a good match, and he wanted to bring them together. But Luo Chang refused.
Zhang Meng coaxed Zhang Yangyang to sleep, and went to the door to see He Daye’s situation. He didn’t expect He Daye to be there still squatting. He really couldn’t bear it, so he gave He Daye a bottle of water and a chair. Unfortunately, He Daye ungrateful. Zhang Meng didn’t want to spend like this with He Daye, so he could only intercede with He Daye, which shows that he has done nothing now and has no house. He can’t let Zhang Yangyang follow him on the street, so there is really no way to move away.
Zhang Meng told the truth, He Daye still refused to leave. He could only invite He Daye into the house and give He Daye the cooking. He didn’t want He Daye to be hungry and frozen. He Daye felt that Zhang Meng was right. He should fight with Zhang Meng if he was full and full, before he entered Zhang Meng’s house and waited for Zhang Meng to make food. While Zhang Meng was cooking, He Daye fell asleep with exhaustion, so Zhang Meng had to find a pillow for He Daye so that He Daye could sleep more comfortably.
After Luo Chang sent Liu Dan home, he went to see He Daye uneasy. He didn’t expect that He Daye was not at home, so he could only wait for He Daye there. Early the next morning, Liu Dan called He Daye to ask about He Daye’s situation. Zhang Meng saw that He Daye had not been awake, so he amplified the voice of the phone and woke He Daye. Liu Dan knew He Daye’s situation, so he persuaded He Daye not to spend like this with Zhang Meng, and asked He Daye to find customers to make money first.
He Daye heard Liu Dan’s words and planned to leave first, but he still explained to Zhang Meng that she would not give up because of this, and Zhang Meng still had to move. Zhang Yangyang knew that He Daye had come to blast them away, so he went back to the room and took the luggage out, claiming to move with Zhang Meng. Whether it was sleeping in the underground tunnel or McDonald’s, he followed Zhang Meng. This made He Daye listen. Very distressed.
He Daye was embarrassed to blast Zhang Meng away, so he could only cooperate with Zhang Meng, falsely claiming that she was visiting Zhang Meng and his son, so that Zhang Yangyang should not be bothered. He Daye saw that Zhang Yangyang’s button had fallen off, so he helped Zhang Yangyang sew it with a needle and thread. Zhang Yangyang expressed his liking to He Daye and asked He Daye to come to his house to play with him when he was free.
After He Daye left, Zhang Meng learned that Zhang Yangyang didn’t pack his luggage, but just lied to He Daye with the suitcase, so he blamed Zhang Yangyang for too much attention. After He Daye returned home, he saw Luo Chang at home, so he blamed Luo Chang for treating her house as a hotel and not letting Luo Chang come to her house casually. After He Daye washed, he showed the contract to Luo Chang and asked him what was going on. He blamed Luo Chang for being so unreliable. After signing a two-year contract, he charged one year’s rent.
Luo Chang wanted to find an intermediary to settle the accounts. Only then did he realize that the intermediary had run away, so he asked He Daye why he wanted to take back the house, but he didn’t expect He Daye to take the house back to start a company, which made him disagree. Luo Chang persuaded He Daye not to start a company, so he started a theory with He Daye, but he didn’t expect that He Daye was more accurate than him, so he could only disagree. He Daye would go to bed when he finished talking, and didn’t care at all that Luo Chang gave her a gift. Luo Chang was angry for a while and blamed He Daye You Xinhuan for forgetting his old love, and then made a call, indicating that he would also go to Xinhuan’s place. live.
In order to be angry with He Daye, Luo Chang went directly to Liu Dan’s house with the wine. He wanted to spend the night at Liu Dan’s house, but Liu Dan realized that Luo Chang was having trouble with his ex-wife, and came to her to get drunk crazy. Push into the bathroom and let him clean up and wake up. Luo Chang was pushed into the bathroom by Liu Dan, and competed with Liu Dan, claiming that he had to wash him thoroughly and show Liu Dan to see him, and Liu Dan prepared a guy and waited to fix Luo Chang.
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