Recap: Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard (2021) Episode 1

Apr 26, 2021

Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard
Gu Chuan came to the field to shoot the scenery, but nothing came of it. Walking back to her car, the little girl squatting in the middle of the road looked at the lizard on the ground intently, talking to herself, and sat back in the car at the urging of her parents. The car continued to drive, and the family was talking and laughing in harmony.
The driver on the big truck in the distance had already been watching the family, pulling the handbrake and rushing over until the door was shattered by the huge truck, and the mysterious person in the car went backwards. . The jeep driven by Gu Chuan followed behind and saw everything happening. He hurriedly got out of the car and wanted to save people. The man in the truck saw Gu Chuan’s figure and got back on his feet. He stepped on the gas pedal again and slapped Gu Chuan. The family hit the road and fell off the cliff.
When Gu Chuan woke up again, there was only the little girl’s non-stop cry for help. The parents fainted and did not respond. Fear surrounded her. Gu Chuan reached out and held the little girl’s hand, wanting The temperature transmission in the palm of her hand made her feel relieved, but the girl found that the big palm was gradually getting cold, and she called again without receiving a response. Only the helpless voice of the girl and the sound of police sirens from afar were left in the vast mountains.
Jiang Xiaoning works in a dessert shop, but this dessert shop is facing bankruptcy again. This is already my 27th job. I don’t know why, bad luck has been entangled in me, and the bosses I’ve been with are all yellow. Fortunately, the boss in front of me has some conscience and gave me some severance pay. Standing alone at the bar, sad, a voice came from behind. The man in a black suit wanted to buy milk toast. Even if Jiang Xiaoning repeatedly emphasized that today’s bread is a free gift, the man insisted on leaving a red bill and went away. . Jiang Xiaoning chased it out, only vaguely seeing his face, but this comfort still made herself more cheer up and felt a little warmth in the trough.
The people in the building are busy with the drawings of Haojingyuan. This is one of the company’s current big projects, and it must be presented to the company’s chief designer, Mr. Gu. At this moment, Gu Chuan was showing himself a cemetery. The salesperson tried his best to sell these feng shui treasures, but when he heard that Gu Chuan was going to buy a cemetery for himself, the salesperson couldn’t help but shed a cold sweat. The company’s investor and friend Xu Chengran called Gu Chuan. The two of them are closely related and feel like brothers.
They are discussing the dinner and relationship with Party A in the evening. This time the two parties’ cooperation relationship Golden Coast Award selection, Gu Chuan also Had to nod in agreement. After hanging up the phone, Gu Chuan took a fancy to a cemetery, but was not satisfied with the design. He thought that he would design it himself. The salesperson cautiously asked Gu Chuan for some proof of cremation or critical illness. Gu Chuan did not change his face and agreed. Submissions will be completed in the future.
Jiang Xiaoning came back with the leftover bread in the store, and the water bill was hung at the door. Jiang Xiaoning felt nervous and took the flyer down. The aunt and grandmother in the family had already prepared meals. Although the business was not going well, the Jiang Xiaoning family Still holding a very optimistic attitude, the harmonious atmosphere relieved Jiang Xiaoning’s uneasy mood a lot.
Gu Chuan and Xu Chengran next to him reported today’s results. My friends have never understood why Gu Chuan has been holding an incredible plan: he passed away after winning the three major architectural awards. Xu Chengran was naturally reluctant, but Gu Chuan insisted on going his own way, making himself unable to refute. Su Manlin, Gu Chuan’s assistant, was busy recruiting an assistant to Gu Chuan. Originally, Xu Chengran was still opposed to it, but now she fully agrees, hoping that the new assistant can help her look at Gu Chuan.
Gu Chuan and Xu Chengran returned to the company together. Su Manlin came to report on the situation. Xu Chengran mysteriously pulled Gu Chuan aside and insisted that Su Manlin find an assistant for Gu Chuan. When the night came, Xu Chengran and Su Manlin negotiated with Party A’s representative He, President He was obviously wrong to Su Manlin, even if Xu Chengran insisted on holding back Su Manlin, he still didn’t want to let go of the beauty in front of him.
Xu Chengran received Gu Chuan’s call and immediately went out to greet him. Su Manlin couldn’t help but vomit and ran to the toilet. Mr. He followed all the way and tried to slap Su Manlin in the toilet. At this time, Jiang Xiaoning, who was also in the women’s toilet, saw the situation and rushed out to protect Su Manlin.
Originally, he was driving part-time on behalf of Su Manlin today, but when he saw the emergency situation, he had to help. Jiang Xiaoning took the opportunity to help Su Manlin back to the private room and confirmed that Su Manlin was in good condition. Later, after handing her business card, she repeatedly emphasized that she could ask for help. Su Manlin nodded and held Jiang Xiaoning’s business card tightly in the palm of her hand.
When Jiang Xiaoninggang walked out of the private room, he was stopped by Mr. He. Mr. He, who was greedy for beauty, was very angry and warned Jiang Xiaoning several times. Fortunately, Jiang Xiaoning was courageous and optimistic. Unexpectedly, as soon as he turned his head, he ran into Gu Chuan and the others, and left in a daze. Looking at the girl’s back, Gu Chuan felt very familiar, but he couldn’t call her name for a long time.
So Xian Xian and Xu Chengran returned to the private room. Mr. He in front of him only cares about drinking, and he doesn’t care about designing the business at all. He just blindly compels others to drink. Seeing Su Manlin fall down again, Gu Chuan can’t stand it, regardless of Xu Chengran’s persuasion, and he puts up a glass of wine with Mr. He. Xu Chengran certainly knew the secret behind Gu Chuan. After seeing Gu Chuan drank a small glass of wine, his expression changed.
Even the phone in his palm went blank for an instant. The heart rate data on the sports watch rose instantly. Xu Chengran secretly cried out. Insisting on sending Gu Chuan back to avoid losing control of the scene, Gu Chuan, who was drinking, insisted on shaking hands with Mr. He. When the two palms faced each other, Mr. He was fainted by the electric current in Gu Chuan’s palm and collapsed on the sofa. Seeing that everything was irretrievable, Xu Chengran had to take Mr. He out.
A group of driver drivers were waiting for the business at the door. Xu Chengran took Mr. He to find a male driver. Jiang Xiaoning quickly grabbed the hand of Gu Chuan who followed. Gu Chuan watched Jiang Xiaoning grab his own hand. Without being electrocuted at all, I couldn’t help but wonder, but Jiang Xiaoning’s unscathed appearance was indeed unharmed. Gu Chuan was curious and took Su Manlin into Jiang Xiaoning’s car.
Jiang Xiaoning had already recognized Gu Chuan in front of him. The two talked about what happened in the dessert shop in the morning. At this time, a large truck was passing by on the road. Jiang Xiaoning’s expression changed suddenly and he leaned the car aside nervously, waiting for Gu Chuan to ask. , I realized that it was the psychological trauma left by the car accident. When a large truck drove past, Jiang Xiaoning grabbed Gu Chuan’s shoulder in fear, and his heart rate continued to rise.
Gu Chuan accidentally leaned against the front cover of the car, flashing the lights quickly. Extinguished, the car stalled. Gu Chuan knew that his abnormality caused the car to run out of power, so he no longer blamed Jiang Xiaoning. The two called a tow truck. Gu Chuan delivered Su Manlin to Jiang Xiaoning, and went back to his residence first. When I came home and walked into a mysterious room, the device similar to a charging capsule was turned on, Gu Chuan lay in, and the mechanical sound effect sounded. Gu Chuan was actually charging…
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