Recap: Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard (2021) Episode 2

Apr 26, 2021

Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard
Xu Chengran broke up with his girlfriend, but his girlfriend insisted on stalking and didn’t understand why his beauty couldn’t attract Xu Chengran. In the box on the other side, Zhao Yan negotiated with Ouyang about the company’s business, but the other party was willing to express the unspoken rules, and even handed over the room card to imply that when Zhao Yan chased out and wanted to return the room card, the man She started to feel awkward at herself again.
In desperation, Zhao Yan directly slammed the greasy man over her shoulders. Xu Chengran, who had just left the house, looked stunned and couldn’t help but teased him. Everyone was punched, and Zhao Yan left the elevator refreshedly. Only Xu Chengran was holding her nose and her face was full of pain.
The car was dragged back to the Transportation Bureau. Jiang Xiaoning called for another special car for Su Manlin. Su Manlin learned that Jiang Xiaoning was not working and was very clever, so she had an idea in her mind. On the other side, Gu Chuan was lying in the rechargeable capsule, looking at his mechanical heart. The previous car accident pierced his chest, and now he can only maintain the operation of this mechanical heart. It could run for 20 hours before, but now he has to maintain it. After 10 hours of operation, there was even a side effect of electric discharge. Only today’s Jiang Xiaoning can perfectly avoid this side effect. But even so, Gu Chuan’s heart is still full of pessimism, thinking that his time limit is approaching.
Su Manlin sent Jiang Xiaoning a recruitment message early the next morning, but Gu Chuan still insisted not to hire an assistant. Jiang Xiaoning left disappointed, and by the way notified her good sister Zhao Yan. It happened to be seen by Xu Chengran, and learned from Su Manlin that Jiang Xiaoning was studying architecture, could drive, and was careful. Xu Chengran thought Jiang Xiaoning was an excellent assistant candidate, so he hurried to persuade Gu Chuan.
Gu Chuan, who was determined not to want other people to participate in his life, still refused to agree, and Xu Chengran had to do it in a hurry. Saying goodbye to Xu Chengran, Gu Chuan came to the bookstore to buy books on architecture. I met Jiang Xiaoning again, and finally saw Gu Chuan again. Jiang Xiaoning was naturally unwilling to give up the opportunity. He persuaded Gu Chuan many times, hoping to get a job opportunity again. In Gu Chuan’s eyes, what Jiang Xiaoning needs most is to complete his studies.
Gu Chuan received the doctor in charge of heart repair, and the doctor told him to go to the studio to upgrade the patch, but at this time Gu Chuan was all about fighting for the award. Even if he repaired again, it was just a short time and it was not enough for himself. Realize the dream in front of you. As night came, Gu Chuan watched the traffic lights that he had spent with Jiang Xiaoning in the morning, and couldn’t help thinking about it. If his life is approaching, perhaps doing something meaningful can make this short life richer. Thinking of this, Gu Chuan gets through After receiving the phone call from Wang Kai, the person in charge of the company, he explained his instructions.
Jiang Xiaoning asked Zhao Yan to tell her a little lie in front of her family, saying that she had found a job in the front desk of the design company. Fortunately, the two cooperated in a tacit understanding, and the aunt and grandma believed it was true and were addicted to happiness. On the other hand, when Gu Chuan was at work, his mother called and the two decided to return to China to live with Gu Chuan. Gu Chuan hesitated after hearing this, fearing that the two would have discovered their abnormality and would be worried.
After the car accident that year, the two chose to use a mechanical heart to continue Gu Chuan’s life. Now that the lifespan of the heart is gradually shortening, Gu Chuan hopes to keep a distance with his parents, so that it may not be that difficult to wait for the time to say goodbye. The pain tortured him over and over again, Gu Chuan had to give up what he loved, the things stored in the drawer gradually turned into packs of pills, helplessness filled his heart, Gu Chuan looked out the window lonely The neon, feel lonely alone.
Jiang Xiaoning was awakened by her aunt early in the morning, and her aunt specially prepared a set of work clothes for Jiang Xiaoning. Grandma’s amnesia broke out again, only remembering that Jiang Xiaoning was a child who went to school. As soon as Jiang Xiaoning went out, he saw his friend Tang Xu wearing a suit and waiting for him. The phone rang again, Jiang Xiaoning saw the dawn of hope again, Tang Xu immediately sent Xiaoning to the door of the company, who would have known that he turned his head and fell into the bucket of auntie cleaning.
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