Recap: She is the One (2021) Episode 11

Apr 27, 2021

She is the One
At night, when Wen Jinchen lowered her voice again to meet Yuan Yueyue at home, Yueyue said that she had something to give him, so she suddenly lit the pre-arranged flashlight, revealing Wen Jinchen’s identity. It turns out that Yueyue had long suspected that her master Wen Manager was Wen Jinchen, and she was waiting for Wen Jinchen to appear again to see his true face.
Wen Jinchen’s identity was embarrassing to be revealed, saying that he had never denied his true identity, but he never pointed out that it was because he was afraid that “Yuan Siya” would think that this relationship of love after marriage was not pure enough, so all this was done for the sake of she was. Yueyue was very angry at his deception, so she hurriedly left Wen’s house. Blowing a cold wind on the side of the road, trying to think and recall the experience of this time.
Yueyue came to Long Xiaorong’s house for a stay, and told her about her experience in the words “I have a friend” to ask her for her opinion, and asked how to deal with it. The smile is very serious to give Yueyue’s “friend” advice, thinking that the man who cheated in good faith should be forgiven. However, when suddenly received a call from Wen Jinchen to understand the ins and outs of the incident, Long Xiaorong suddenly understood that the so-called “friend” story was all Yueyue’s own business, and that man was Wen Jinchen! Then smiled and changed his attitude, thinking that Wen Jinchen, as the company’s leader, did not set an example and deceived the employees, which is absolutely unforgivable.
The next day, Yueyue asked the company for a year of leave. As the HR manager had been entrusted by Wen Jinchen to meet all her requirements, he agreed to her leave. Wen Jinchen had no choice but to inquire about the news from Long Xiaorong in the company. After some communication, he thought that Yueyue didn’t want to see his face, so he began to accept interviews with major media and tried to “brush his face” for others to see.
Wen Liangye chatted with Pei Xiuzhe in the bar. After learning that Wen Liangye was Wen Jinchen’s brother, Pei Xiuzhe asked him if he knew Yuan Siya. Wen Liangye froze for a while and calmly denied it, and persuaded him not to be depressed because of this woman. Well, it’s not worth it.
That night, Yueyue met Wen Jinchen who was on her way back to Xiaorong’s house. Wen Jinchen apologized to her and confessed again that the two reconciled. The matter of President Wen and “Yuan Siya” quickly spread around the company, and his smile began to worry about whether his previous act of beating Mandarin ducks would be worn by the boss.
After Yueyue returned to the company to work, I saw Wen Jinchen every day. He often blew pink bubbles, but sometimes he was very sober. This person is his brother-in-law, so he should not have any other thoughts about him. In the president’s office, Wen Jinchen and Yuan Yueyue were about to kiss each other when they were bumped into by his grandfather. Grandpa was very dissatisfied with this and said that he hadn’t looked at him. Yuan Siya was not a genius girl and asked the two to dissolve their marriage. Wen Jinchen promised his grandfather that he would take the right to develop the Chengguan Commercial District next time, and his grandfather promised him that this was the last chance.
Yueyue called her father to inform her of the recent events, but her father did not answer the phone. Wen Jinchen came to talk about his concerns. He has been instilled in his elders since he was a child that everything must be his own company, including marriage, he can’t make his own decisions. Fortunately, he has met a person who he likes very much. While Yueyue was moved, she cautiously tentatively asked him what to do if she was a fake too? Wen Jinchen said that the whole world can be fake, but she can’t.
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