Recap: She is the One (2021) Episode 13

Apr 27, 2021

She is the One
Wen Jinchen found “Yuan Siya” who was drunk with Pei Xiuzhe on the roadside stall. Pei Xiuze did not explain much, and let him communicate with “Siya” before leaving. Yueyue gave him a large bouquet of lilies. Wen Jinchen was very touched by her drunkenness to express her feelings. He didn’t expect Yuan Siya to have a two-way friendship with him, so he proposed to her.
In the early morning of the next day, Wen Jinchen gave a sober soup very intimately after Yueyue woke up, and then discussed the marriage of the two. Because of her true identity, Yueyue still hesitated and asked to find a fortune-telling master first. She took Wen Jinchen to find a fortune-telling master on the side of the road. The master said that although the relationship between the two has settled, they are still at odds with each other and will experience a major disaster in the future. There were a few good days for marriage, which were three days after one year, two years, and ten years. Seeing this, Wen Jinchen felt that he was a lie, so he took Yueyue and left. He plans to hold a western-style wedding in the church.
Yueyue found her father and told him that she was going to marry Wen Jinchen. Her father was shocked, but she didn’t expect her little daughter to plan to marry her brother-in-law. After being shocked, she still asked Yueyue to conceal a certain period of time, and then deal with her after she found her sister and identified her identity. However, Yueyue was determined and said that Wen Jinchen had been determined by herself.
At the strategic investment conference of Wen Group and Tianyi Group, Yueyue confessed sweetly to Wen Jinchen, saying that he would no longer live for others and that he would firmly grasp his own happiness from now on. After watching this live broadcast, Yuan Siya realized that her sister was really tempted, and quickly informed Wen Liangye of the matter. Ye Zhiyu at the scene also informed him of this. It turns out that Wen Liangye has always hated her grandfather. This time, he paid a high price to invite Ye Zhiyu back to China in order to unite and deal with his grandfather.
Yuan Yueyue’s behavior on the live broadcast is actually to force her sister to give her a hand. Since she is unwilling to come out to meet, it is better to directly threaten her marriage with Wen Jinchen. As Yueyue expected, her sister Yuan Siya finally called. After confirming that she was safe, Yueyue asked her sister to come forward and clarify that everyone returned to their original life trajectory. Yuan Siya said that she would definitely show up on the 20th of next month, hoping that her sister would help to hide it for a while, Yueyue agreed. This conversation was heard by Ye Zhiyu again.
Wen Jinchen wanted to meet her parents-in-law. Yueyue knew that her mother had become rich, loving and poor because of the divorce from her father, so she informed her mother of all the things she had experienced here in advance. Yuan’s mother believed her daughter after hearing this. I was deceived by a rich man, but after Yueyue’s stalking, I still agree on the same opinion.
Ye Zhiyu began to doubt about the Yuan family’s daughter. She sent someone to investigate and wanted to find two evidences of Yuan Siya. Yueyue was going to take Wen Jinchen home to see her mother. Seeing that he was wearing a very expensive suit, she expected that her mother would not like it, so she took him to the supermarket to buy cheap clothes. Wen Jinchen was really helpless, but she still wore it obediently. On it.
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