Recap: The Eternal Love 3 (2021) Episode 11

Jun 8, 2021

The Eternal Love 3 (2021)
Mo Yanchen was very worried about seeing Mo Liancheng and Qu Xiaotan awkward, and came here to solve Mo Liancheng, but Mo Liancheng didn’t want to hide behind a woman to enjoy the glory and wealth, and it was not Father Mo’s plan. Mo Yanchen also knew something about Father Mo’s plans, but he didn’t understand that Mo Lian City would also go deep into danger. Mo Liancheng confessed that he did not want to stay in this princess mansion, and if he wanted to find a way to leave, Mo Yanchen was surprised, so that his rest of his life would be ruined.
Mo Yanchen couldn’t bear to watch Mo Liancheng in a dangerous situation, but Mo Liancheng had already decided that it would be useless for Mo Yanchen to say anything, so he had to tell Mo Liancheng that if he wanted to close the book, he must offend the seven, but where is it so easy , No matter which one is a big treachery. Mo Liancheng has decided to pretend to be sick, hoping that Mo Yanchen will cooperate. Mo Yanchen understood that he was not sincere to persuade Mo Liancheng, but Mo Liancheng has become too much recently, and these changes should not continue to happen.
The next day, Qu Xiaotan went to find Mo Liancheng, but Yu Hao said that Mo Liancheng might not be able to live long because of the disease and the infection. Qu Xiaotan hurriedly went in to find Mo Liancheng, Mo Liancheng pretended to be very serious, but Qu Xiaotan insisted on taking care of him here. Qu Xiaotan took care of Mo Liancheng seriously, and he fell asleep when he was tired, and Mo Liancheng saw all this. When Mo Liancheng woke up, he saw Qu Xiaotan’s anxious face. Mo Liancheng asked to leave the house, but Qu Xiaotan wanted to live and die with him.
When Qu Xiaotan was removing the heat medicine, Mo Liancheng quickly loosened his muscles and fell asleep as soon as he relaxed. When Qu Xiaotan came back and saw the note on Mo Liancheng’s book, he was very angry. Only then did he understand that Mo Liancheng was pretending to be sick, but he couldn’t bear to wake Mo Liancheng. He could only be depressed by himself, thinking that there was a mistress outside Mo Liancheng. Qu Xiaotan decided to cooperate with Mo Liancheng, Jing Xin expressed support, and the two went to find Yu Hao to settle the accounts.
Qu Xiaotan took a quilt and said that he planned to live here until Mo Liancheng recovered from his illness. Qu Xiaotan lay quietly, uncomfortable anywhere in Mo Liancheng, Qu Xiaotan angrily covered him with two quilts and kissed him, making him sweat more. Mo Liancheng realized that Qu Xiaotan had found out and quickly kicked off the quilt, and asked Qu Xiaotan to take him off, but Qu Xiaotan was fortunate that Mo Liancheng did not take medicine indiscriminately to deceive her. She knew that Mo Liancheng had amnesia, but she I remember.
The last time it was Mo Liancheng who went to Hyundai to look for her, this time I changed her to protect Mo Liancheng. Even if Mo Liancheng hates her, Qu Xiaotan only loves Mo Liancheng in her life. She will wait for Mo Liancheng to fall in love with her again. . Suddenly Mo Liancheng didn’t know what to say, Qu Xiaotan shed tears, saying that he wanted to accompany Mo Liancheng more, and leave when he fell asleep. Mo Liancheng blamed himself, he didn’t want to drag Qu Xiaotan, leaving now is the best choice.
Yu Hao felt that Qu Xiaotan was sincere to Mo Liancheng, but Mo Liancheng insisted on leaving. In order to get to the book, Mo Liancheng decided to use the last resort. Mo Liancheng asked Yu Hao to suggest Qu Xiaotan that he had gone to Yaju Pavilion. In the Yaju Pavilion, Mo Liancheng attracted the attention of the young ladies as soon as they appeared. Unexpectedly, Qu Xiaotan also came. She sat down quietly watching Mo Liancheng play his flute and snatched the limelight from Qingzhu. The wives have to compete fairly. Qu Xiaotan felt that his face was too rich when he saw it, and Mo Liancheng saw that he left with anger.
Mo Liancheng decided to use poems to meet friends in the Xueyuan, and asked Yu Hao to announce the names of the female relatives one by one, and they would come by themselves. This was given to him by the Yajuge shopkeeper. Mo Liancheng asked Yu Hao to pass a message to Qu Xiaotan. Qu Xiaotan was very angry when he heard that, but after thinking about it, she could take this opportunity to catch all the people in the city who had ideas about Mo Liancheng.
As for the palace, she could deal with it. . Mo Liancheng was a little surprised to learn that Qu Xiaotan had agreed. Mo Yanchen heard about this matter and quickly came to persuade Mo Liancheng to take a long-term view, but the matter was already overwhelming at this point. The next day, when Mo Liancheng appeared on the stage, the female relatives were amazed. Qu Xiaotan also came and said that he had prepared a small gift for everyone. He walked to Mo Liancheng and started to sell Daifen, and the female relatives moved. heart.
Qu Xiaotan said that the poem would continue. Only then did Mo Liancheng have the opportunity to continue reading the poem, but Qu Xiaotan suddenly broke out to sell lip fat, and the female relatives began to grab it. Mo Liancheng was so angry that he couldn’t say anything. The emperor heard that Mo Liancheng had committed a crime and asked for a leave book, so he asked Xiao Zhen to look up Mo Liancheng. Qu Xiaotan made a fortune easily, and Mo Liancheng had to pay dividends if she was able to bring the goods.
Before Mo Liancheng could say anything, Qu Xiaotan threw himself into his arms and couldn’t get off. Mo Liancheng hoped that Qu Xiaotan would give him a leave of absence and leave the house as soon as possible. He did not expect Qu Xiaotan to agree. Mo Liancheng was surprised a long time later, Qu Xiao Tan said to act according to the previous method, after all, she had asked Mo Liancheng for a letter of resignation before. Qu Xiaotan asked Mo Liancheng to go to bed, and when he was satisfied, he gave him the letter of divorce.
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