Recap: The Eternal Love 3 (2021) Episode 12

Jun 8, 2021

The Eternal Love 3 (2021)
Mo Liancheng depressedly danced his sword in the yard. The sentence Qu Xiaotan often said these days is, have you thought about it? Mo Liancheng didn’t expect Qu Xiaotan to use Xiu Shu as a threat to force him to submit. It was a dream. Mo Liancheng was absent-minded recently, and Mo Jingxuan was a little worried, Jing Xin came to send a message for Qu Xiaotan to ask if Mo Liancheng had thoughts about it. Mo Jingxuan and Yu Hao were very curious.
Mo Liancheng said that this was a test, and he would be dismissed if he passed it. Mo Liancheng thought for a while and asked Jing Xin to tell Qu Xiaotan that he had thought about it. Qu Xiaotan heard that Mo Liancheng agreed that the moving tears were coming out, and quickly began to dress up. Jing Xin reminded her that she should be dressed as a man when she waited for bedtime. Qu Xiaotan held back the bad water and made Jing Xin wait for the good show. .
Mo Liancheng drank with Mo Yanchen, Qu Xiaotan was pressing hard at this time to make him give up, but Mo Liancheng never gave up. Mo Yanchen was very curious about what challenge this was, and he suddenly understood that it was related to physical strength. Mo Jingxuan was also curious as to what challenge this was, and was rushed back to the mansion by Jing Xin. Qu Xiaotan waited in the room for Mo Liancheng to deliver him obediently, and hurriedly put out the candle when he heard the movement.
Mo Liancheng and Mo Yanchen drank a lot of wine, but they still saw at a glance that Qu Xiaotan was not asleep just after the candle had gone out. Mo Liancheng leaned over Qu Xiaotan by the strength of the wine. The domineering tone made Qu Xiaotan very familiar. Qu Xiaotan turned over and pressed Mo Liancheng under him, leaving a room of ambiguity. Mo Yanchen punished himself for copying books because of Mo Liancheng’s fault, and it seemed that he had also become a man who was narrow-minded for love.
Early the next morning, Mo Liancheng woke up to see Qu Xiaotan’s sleeping face a little bit reluctant, but the last time Qu Xiaotan slept in the same bed as if he didn’t know anything. Qu Xiaotan was already awake, still feeling that he was so charming, and turned to kiss Mo Liancheng. Mo Liancheng was so frightened that he sat up and asked Qu Xiaotan to take out the letter of resignation, but Qu Xiaotan left a word of dissatisfaction and left. Mo Liancheng fell into deep self-doubt. There were rumors that Qu Xiaotan was dissatisfied with Mo Liancheng, Mo Jingxuan was very worried, but Qu Xiaotan sent someone to deliver tonics at this time, making Mo Liancheng very angry.
Qu Meier met Mo Yanchen while shopping, and Mo Yanchen was buying a sachet for Qu Xiaotan, hoping she could find her original heart. Qu Mei’er was very distressed, Qu Xiaotan didn’t care about Mo Yanchen at all, otherwise how could he let him indulge in pain, but Mo Yanchen ignored it. Qu Xiaotan didn’t expect to be dissatisfied with the power of these three words, and wanted to take these three words as his family motto. Qu Xiaotan wrote four big characters to make Jing Xin send it to Mo Liancheng, but Jing Xin refused to send it.
After all, Mo Liancheng had been stimulated enough today. Mo Liancheng danced his sword in the courtyard, believing that he would never be dissatisfied if it weren’t for drunkenness that night, and then suddenly said that he didn’t care. Seeing Mo Liancheng like this, Mo Yanchen felt very entangled in his heart. Why did Mo Liancheng want to leave the book so resolutely to go to bed? Is it because he wanted to leave the book because he was afraid of implicating Qu Xiaotan? Mo Yanchen raised his sword and asked Mo Liancheng to face it bravely.
Mo Liancheng didn’t want to put Qu Xiaotan in danger, and determined to get the divorce letter tonight. Mo Yanchen repeatedly violated the male virtues and insisted on self-punishment. He locked himself in the room and lamented that people were really strange. The next step was the sage, and one step back was the abyss. It is not surprising that Qu Xiaotan saw Mo Liancheng walking full of alcohol, Mo Liancheng suddenly picked her up and walked to the bed.
The emperor heard that Mo Liancheng waited in bed and was distressed by me and said he was not satisfied. Mo Liancheng entangled Qu Xiaotan for a divorce early in the morning, but was declared into the palace by the emperor before the divorce was about to arrive. Mo Liancheng repeatedly committed crimes, and was beaten up by the emperor to kneel outside the hall to reflect on himself.
The emperor said that Mo Liancheng’s way of speaking was the same as that of that person. He was no longer the previous eighth son of the Mo family! But since Mo Liancheng wanted to leave, the emperor couldn’t ignore it. The emperor decided to issue a new decree to give men in the world the right to terminate their marriages, first in the capital. The emperor asked Mo Liancheng to set an example now, and Mo Liancheng thought that he would no longer have a reason to drag Qu Xiaotan. The familiar words awakened Mo Liancheng’s memory, and quickly stated that he could not act hastily and wanted to overcome difficulties with Qu Xiaotan.
Hearing that Mo Liancheng had beaten the emperor in the palace, Qu Xiaotan was sure that Mo Liancheng had returned. As soon as Mo Liancheng came back, the two of them went back to the room. In order not to touch the switch of amnesia, Mo Liancheng and Qu Xiaotan acted cautiously. They did not expect that Qu Xiaotan accidentally kissed Mo Liancheng while fighting.
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