Recap: The Long Ballad (2021) Episode 9

Apr 2, 2021

The Long Ballad (2021)
Li Changge took Shen Gu to the Dudu’s Mansion. Wang Junkuo actually killed the lord to survive. He also secretly revealed Li Changge’s identity to Shen Gu, asking Shen Gu to save him. Shen Gu has always been an upright person. This time Changge moved to rescue the soldiers overnight. Not only did he not favor Wang Junkuo, he also secretly encouraged Changge to leave the Dudu Mansion when Gao Du discovered it.
Shen Gu sent Li Changge away. Among Li Chang singers, there was Prince Xi, she asked Shen Gu to leave with her. Shen Gu was the old part of Li Jiancheng, and Du Ruhui would not easily let Shen Gu go. Shen Gu’s saving the long song was to repay Li Jiancheng’s kindness back then. How could a dead thing mobilize thousands of troops? Although he was Li Jiancheng’s old ministry, he was also a general of Datang. Now Ashele is ready to move, he must guard Youzhou. The overall situation of Shen Gu benefited Li Changge. Under Shen Gu’s suggestion, Li Changge rode his horse to the northwest, and Shuyu and Gao Du also chased them. Shen Gu stopped them, and Shuyu escaped with Gao Du’s help and went forward. Chasing the long song.
Little Khan stopped the Ashyl Falcon on the small road to Shuozhou. He was not Ashyl Falcon’s opponent at all. He suffered a small loss in Ashyl Falcon’s hand, and he could only watch Ashyl Falcon leave. . At the same time, Changge was also overtaken by Shuyu. Shuyu wanted Changge to go with him. He would definitely protect Changge. Changge would not trust anyone anymore. Shuyu mentioned the Prince’s Seal on Changge. Chang Ge stabbed Shuyu with a knife, knowing that Shuyu was only here for the Crown Prince’s Seal, she threw the Crown Prince’s Seal to Shuyu, saying that this dead object could not mobilize thousands of troops. From then on, she and Shu Yuen had no righteousness, no more.
Gao Du and Shuyu returned to the inn and found that Le Yan had been knocked out and taken away. Shuyu was going to find Le Yan, but Gao Du made a decisive decision and asked Shuyu to return to Chang’an to send the Prince’s Seal, and at the same time report Le Yan’s matter to the Prince. . In the city of Chang’an, Du Ruhui learned about the Youzhou Mutiny. He deliberately proposed to Li Shimin to suppress Youzhou generals and take back the military power of Youzhou generals.
Wei Wei has always been a rector. He knew that it was wrong to suppress generals, and the old Youzhou Ministry was mostly Li Yuanji’s subordinates. He voluntarily went north to appease the generals, hoping that Li Shimin would be able to stay far away with tenderness, and to calm people’s hearts, Li Shimin immediately approved Wei Zheng’s request.
Chang Ge left a mark for Ah Dou along the way. She found a wood house in the middle of the night, but unexpectedly met Ashyl Falcon again in the wood house. Seeing that Ashyl Falcon was injured, Chang Ge took the initiative to bandage the wounds of Ashyl Falcon. She asked Ashyl Falcon about his identity, but Ashyl Falcon did not disclose it, and Chang Ge did not ask any more. Ashley Falcon reminds Changge that there are constant wars on the frontier border, and hope that Changge can protect herself. Changge accepts the silver taels given by Ashley Falcon, but she does not stop her steps. She never wants to do things. fear.
Li Shimin took the crown prince seal back and felt safe in his heart, ready to no longer pursue the long song. Du Ruhui reported Le Yan’s disappearance. Li Shimin was anxious, but had to order people to suppress the matter and send people from all states and counties to find Le Yan secretly. At this time, Le Yan was kidnapped by a Paihuazi named Hai Lao. Le Yan was spoiled since she was little. She couldn’t eat the wowotou given by Hai Lao. She burst into tears and begged Hai Lao to let her go, but Hai Lao refused to let it go. Yan, Le Yan has been waiting for Shuyu to rescue her. She saw Shuyu’s figure in the carriage. Before she called to Shuyu, another woman Su Su who was also tied up stunned Le Yan and pleased her.
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