Recap: The Rebel (2021) Episode 4

Jun 8, 2021

The Rebel (2021)
After several days of monitoring, I did not find anything unusual in the cafe. On the contrary, there were too many people entering and leaving every day, and it was difficult to find a breakthrough. It stands to reason that if Wang Zhi’s words are true, he can wait patiently, but considering that if the rape is not eliminated, Chen Moqun decided to add to the flames and deliberately brought Wang Zhi back to the headquarters of the secret service and arranged arrangements. He met with Gu Shenyan and others.
Gu Shenyan’s performance is not leaking, but he is thinking about how to restore the current situation. However, Wang Zhi has guessed that Chen Moqun’s true intentions are nothing more than becoming the opponent’s chess piece and attracting the “postman” to perform the assassination. Lin Nansheng didn’t say anything during the whole process. Looking at this predecessor who weighs weight with his palms from the perspective of an onlooker, whether it is experience or mind, he is always a rank higher than him.
After Gu Shenyan left, Chen Moqun contacted Xu Bin to take Wang Zhi back to the hotel, and sent people from the inside and outside to guard him closely to ensure his personal safety. As for Lin Nansheng, he was across the street from the cafe during the day and went to the hostel to supervise him at night. Despite some hard work, he was at least trusted by Chen Moqun and was far more reliable than others.
In order to get in touch with the “postman” again, Ji Zhongyuan arranged for Zhu Yizhen of Shenjiang University to go to the cafe to meet him, each with a book and secret code prepared in advance. Gu Shenyan knew that he had been included on the list of suspicions, so he thought about it for a long time that night, and was really undecided whether he should go to the appointment.
Early the next morning, the traffic in front of the Cancor Café was as usual. The same street gathered celebrities and wealthy families, and even the middle and lower-class civilians. Occasionally, ragged beggars trudged around the neighborhood carefully, carefully seeking rewards. The rickshaws passing by in a hurry; the couples who go together and the young woman sitting on the side of the bed looking forward to everything, everything is seen in full view by Lin Nansheng on the opposite side and recorded with a camera.
As the line of sight was gradually checked, Lin Nansheng’s expression became serious, and he quickly recognized that the young woman was Zhu Yizhen who had a relationship with him. Originally, Gu Shenyan came to attend the appointment in person, but when he found that the action team was crouching nearby, he immediately turned around, hired a rickshaw to pass by, and looked at the appearance of the joint person.
Until the sunset, Zhu Yizhen never succeeded in handing over. Just when she was about to leave by car, she saw the little beggar running to speak for Gu Shen and temporarily changed the meeting place. Zhu Yizhen told Ji Zhongyuan about this matter, which is enough to show that Gu Shenyan encountered trouble when he came, so he had no choice but to choose to use this method to transmit the letter.
At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, under the Zhejiang Road Bridge, Gu Shenyan and Ji Zhongyuan met smoothly. After confirming each other’s identity, the two parties re-examined their intelligence. Ji Zhongyuan took over from Amu and became the new contact person. Considering that Wang Zhi had defected and did not know how much important information he had, he decided to implement the assassination plan immediately.
Based on the clues that Gu Shenyan had, Ji Zhongyuan set about arranging a team of scavengers to learn about Wang Zhi’s floor in advance, and at the same time called the hotel to book a room to ensure that he could check out at any time. Group member Fu An pretended to be a food delivery man and went to the hotel to take this opportunity to observe the situation on the fourth floor. Even if he was caught by Xu Bin’s men, he still had reasons to explain his innocence.
The special agent of the action team confirmed that Fu An’s identity was correct, and then let him leave. After all, compared with the previous monitoring methods, Chen Moqun valued this result very seriously and should not allow any negligence. Lin Nansheng developed dozens of photos overnight, and in the evening, it was time for him to take over from the hostel.
At present, the hostel seems to be relatively calm, with spies incarnate as service personnel, patrolling in every corner. Xu Bin was very relieved of this, but Lin Nansheng was still on guard, staying at the window and staring at the situation outside. Near the middle of the night, a police car came from a distance and stopped in front of the hostel. Accompanied by two Chinese police detectives, a middle-aged man yelled as soon as he entered the gate of the hostel, claiming to be the assistant of the Bank of Asia, he came here to catch the rape.
Considering that the hotel is located in the French Concession area, coupled with the strong interference of police detectives, the front desk manager is in a dilemma and really does not know how to deal with it. Just as the man became more agitated, Lin Nansheng came forward to understand the situation in person, checked the detective’s ID, and wrote down the other party’s name and number.
Lin Nansheng took advantage of them to go upstairs to do a ward round to catch the adulterer. He made a special call and was verified by the headquarters. Although he was told that Li Ashui and Ding Fusheng did exist, they all lost contact tonight. At the same time, several people took the elevator to the second floor. “Ding Fusheng” pretended to have gastrointestinal discomfort, so he entered the toilet on this excuse. Make hands and feet at the window, and you should close inside and outside.
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