Recap: The Rebel (2021) Episode 7

Jun 9, 2021

The Rebel (2021)
Through the visits and investigations in the past few days, there has been no progress at all. Lin Nansheng believes that Zhu Yizhen’s range of borrowing books in the library reading room is too wide, and that she has been very cautious every time, so she does not rule out using Books and reading materials communicate with the Communist Party.
Since there was no way to approach Zhu Yizhen voluntarily, Chen Moqun appointed Lin Nansheng to change his name and enter Shenjiang University as an assistant teacher “Xu Liwen”. Only when Zhu Yizhen’s contact person is found can he be sure to find the postman.
In order to avoid arousing Gu Shenyan’s suspicion, Lin Nansheng lied that her mother was seriously ill and urgently needed to return home to visit relatives, and then took some time off. Although Gu Shenyan knew that Lin Nansheng’s words were not true, he still showed concern and offered some money as a supplement.
In the afternoon, Chen Moqun asked Lin Nansheng to meet at the dance hall, and asked the dancer Lan Xinjie to go for a trial in advance to observe whether Lin Nansheng was up to the job in the beauty industry. Fortunately, Lin Nansheng did not humiliate his life. Facing Lan Xinjie’s all kinds of temptations, only keeping proper distance and cramps, this made the other party particularly admired.
Lan Xinjie saw that Lin Nansheng was kind and sincere, at least in the environment she came into contact with, it was difficult to meet such a simple person. Just as Lin Nansheng was at a loss and was planning to find an excuse to leave, he didn’t expect Chen Moqun to come in from outside. He seemed to be very satisfied with his performance, especially Lan Xinjie’s high evaluation, which proved that Lin Nansheng would complete the task well.
Because of the appearance of Chen Moqun, Lin Nansheng realized that it was just a trial. Although he has successfully cleared the customs, he still wants to continue to understand Shanghai’s social culture, whether it is as drunk as before. In Chen Moqun’s view, Lan Xinjie, who can become Lin Nansheng’s “mentor”, meets the sense of proportion he needs, knows how to give up feelings and not let his judgment be affected by it.
After all the procedures were properly prepared, Lin Nansheng officially came to Shenjiang University. He happened to see Zhu Yizhen’s heroic appearance on the basketball court and the light when he recited the “Leaf of Grass” in the classroom. impression.
Before school was over, Lin Nansheng introduced herself to Zhu Yizhen, and he did not hesitate to praise her, and wanted to get acquainted with each other by taking notes. However, Zhu Yizhen had long forgotten about Lin Nansheng’s help in fighting off the robbers, so he was still polite and vigilant in his attitude towards strangers, which led to Lin Nansheng not being able to get further opportunities for communication.
Zhu Yizhen came to the school library as usual, and went to the Zhangji Tailor Shop according to the handover code. Little did she know that Lin Nansheng and Xu Bin had already followed behind. In the tailor shop, Ji Zhongyuan told Zhu Yizhen about the recent situation and the need for the party organization to buy a radio. However, the price of the radio is too expensive. It is best to buy it on behalf of Zhu Yizhen. She will also be responsible for transcribing the instructions of the superiors, and then transfer them to Ji Zhongyuan through other channels.
Across the street from the tailor shop, Lin Nansheng was sitting in the car, but Zhu Yizhen did not show up for a long time. According to Xu Bin’s account, she learned that the tailor Zhang Ji belongs to a well-known tailor shop in Shanghai. The young lady will come to make clothes in person, which means that even if Zhu Yizhen appears here, it is still not surprising.
On weekdays, Fu An works as a clerk in a tailor’s shop. At this moment, he pretends to be cleaning at the door, and by the way, he observes if anyone is stalking nearby. It is difficult for Lin Nansheng to make a presumption based on this clue, so he simply pays more attention to it in other ways. On the other hand, Gu Shenyan became suspicious of Lin Nansheng’s request for leave, and secretly contacted Ji Zhongyuan to go to Lin’s family to verify the situation.
Lin Nansheng returned the notes to Zhu Yizhen, intending to take this opportunity to increase the topic with her. However, Zhu Yizhen was too alert and did not give him any chance to get close at all, and even went to the Chinese Department to inquire about Lin Nansheng’s identity in private. After learning of this, Chen Moqun established a life circle about “Assistant Xu Liwen” for Lin Nansheng, so as to slowly gain the trust of Zhu Yizhen.
Before long, the radio that Zhu Yizhen bought from other places was sent to her home. Originally, the servant wanted to help carry it, but Zhu Yizhen insisted on carrying the radio back to the room, and then took out a screwdriver to modify it, to ensure that he could receive instructions, complete the tasks of the party organization, and obtain information for the Shanghai underground party as soon as possible.
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