Rercap: Twelve Legends (2021) Episode 13

Apr 2, 2021

Twelve Legends
Yin Hao took Ye Lina to a remote corner, and when he was about to start, Ye Ming appeared in time and beat him away. However, Yin Hao met Jin Xingjian before he ran far, and he was about to die at this sight. He didn’t expect a group of bats to fly in the distance. Hundreds of bats firmly trapped Jin Xing, and the one-eyed general took the opportunity to take Yin Hao away, and took the initiative to reveal his identity, saying that he would give him a chance to return the Yin clan to the king’s side.
Ye Lina was so drunk that Ye Ming had to take her home. She couldn’t help feeling that the girl now was really strange. Yin Qing sent Xiaotao to the door, watching her still immersed in the joy of talent. Xiao Tao seemed to be dreaming, it was hard to believe that Yin Qing would confess to herself, until she heard Yin Qing’s re-promise, she went upstairs with confidence.
Seeing Xiaotao disappear in the corner, the smile on Yin Qing’s mouth gradually disappeared, and then he noticed the same kind of breath. Yin Hao was dissatisfied that his younger brother was obsessed with the world, and would leave the family every time because of various humans. Counting from the last time, Yin Qing had the honor to meet a master Wen who was born in a scholarly family, and turned into a person to learn by his side.
Master Wen valued Yin Qing very much and even wanted to marry his daughter to him. Unfortunately, within a few years, the whole family was killed because of Yin Hao. Yin Qing was immediately furious when he learned that his elder brother killed Master Wen, but he was not as capable as Yin Hao, and finally defeated.
In fact, Yin Hao and Yin Qing have a deep brotherhood, but they hate him for being unsatisfactory, and being a blood bat, they want to be human. Yin Hao wanted to bring the family back to the king’s side, so he threatened Xiao Tao with his life, but Yin Qing was unwilling to help him torment him, so he didn’t agree to his brother’s request.
At the same time, Lian Xuan learned that the real murderer was rescued by the one-eyed general, so angry that he complained that Jin Xingjian let Ye Ming go, so Yu Shaobai had a chance. As soon as the voice fell, Jin Xingjian immediately replied, claiming that if someone hadn’t lost the picture scroll, these troubles would naturally not occur.
Lian Xuan was speechless by Jin Xingjian, and it was true that he was too careless to be stolen from Yu Shaobai’s paintings. Now that the one-eyed general and others have acted, Jin Xingjian discovered a seal hidden in Yu Shaobai’s hand while in Peking. If Ye Ming found the painting, it must be when Yu Shaobai reappeared.
Taking into account Yin Hao’s warning, Yin Qing decided to take her away from right and wrong for Xiao Tao’s safety. The next morning, Yin Qing spent a big price to order a wedding ring in a jewelry store, then sneaked into Xiaotao’s house and took out the ring to propose to her. Xiao Tao was madly surprised and couldn’t help screaming. She didn’t expect to wake Ye Lina who was sleeping in the living room. When she followed the sound to find her, she accidentally ran into the scene of Xiao Tao and Yin Qing kissing each other, scared her to close the door quickly.
Ye Ming bought breakfast, and happened to see Xiao Tao pulling Yin Qing out. Ye Lina was gossiping about the relationship between the two. Ye Ming found out that Ye Ming had been staring at herself and couldn’t help becoming narcissistic, but she didn’t know that the zipper of her pants was not closed. Ye Lina told Ye Ming about Jin Xingjian’s charm, but she didn’t expect that she was Jin Xingjian’s sweetheart.
Ye Qingchun’s sister didn’t go home all night, so he immediately sent a buddy out to inquire. Ye Lina returned to the clothing store and couldn’t help but share the experience of last night with her brother, constantly complimenting Ye Ming. Originally, Ye Qingchun wanted to tell things, but he was interrupted several times, and he was really helpless.
Yin Qing took Xiao Tao to visit her home. Apart from the remote location, there were no other problems. On the contrary, for Xiao Tao, it was a luxury she had never seen before. Thinking that she would live in this house in the future, Xiao Tao was both excited and surprised. When Yin Qing saw Xiao Tao happy, she finally breathed a sigh of relief. By the way, she asked her to leave the dance hall and become Mrs. Yin with peace of mind.
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