Rercap: Twelve Legends (2021) Episode 17

Apr 4, 2021

Twelve Legends
Ye Ming rescued Yu Shaobai from Jin Xingjian, but Yu Shaobai wanted to leave, claiming that he was not Jin Xingjian’s opponent at all. Nevertheless, Ye Ming still wanted him to think carefully. In the end, Yu Shaobai chose to stay and stay with Ye Ming, but in fact he had other plans.
Jin Xingjian sat at home alone, recalling the battle ten years ago, when Yu Shaobai connected himself with Ye Ming’s soul to avoid death. This is why Jin Xingjian has been reluctant to tell Ye Ming the truth, just because she is afraid that she wants to kill and become benevolent, and I am afraid that she will die with Yu Shaobai.
Xiaopi Daijin Xingjian gave the seal to Commander Duan and begged him to let Adjutant Li go to jail to save people. Seeing Adjutant Li insisted on taking Lian Xuan and Xiaoqing away, Bai Jingang felt even more resentful and could only find another opportunity to retaliate. Lian Xuan escaped from the dead, and his relationship with Xiao Qing went further, but he still hasn’t understood what Jin Xingjian’s plan is and why he wants Ye Ming to return to Shaobai’s side.
Now the seals are all in Shaobai’s hands, Jin Xingjian is equivalent to losing the body protection, and the mana is weaker than before. At the time when Commander Duan needed to go out of the city for an exercise, Bai Jingang immediately led his men to Huaxuezhai. Before Xiaopi informed them in time, they had already blocked the door.
Since Bai Jingang couldn’t find Lian Xuan and others, he took this opportunity to capture Jin Xingjian and frame him as a nest of snakes and rats. At this time, Lian Xuan and Xiao Qing hid in the Kristen clothing store. In order to prevent Bai Jingang from tracking this down, they slipped away with Ye Lina in advance. Sure enough, after a while, Chen Lei ordered everyone to go inside and outside the clothing store, but in the end he could not find any suspicious clues.
Ye Lina bought the policemen defending the city and drove out of the city smoothly, temporarily placing Lian Xuan and Xiaoqing in a residential house on the outskirts of the city. Lian Xuan worried that Jin Xing would be safe, afraid that he would not be able to deal with the police, Xiao Qing was curious that the relationship between the two could be trusted with life. Faced with Xiaoqing’s question, Lian Xuan took the initiative to talk about the relationship between himself and Jin Xingjian as a family, and since then he has become close friends.
Knowing that Jin Xingjian had been arrested, Lian Xuan was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. Ye Lina wanted to use money to support her relationship, but she was almost beaten by others, and even Director Gong was helpless. After all, Platinum Gang is backed by the British and has the Qinggang as the background. He has already ordered that the golden sex is fixed to death, and others can’t control it.
Ye Qingchun wanted to ask Mrs. Liang for help, but she was just a woman, so she couldn’t intervene in men’s affairs. The Ye family brothers and sisters tried all kinds of methods, and they returned disappointed each time. However, the longer the time was, the more insecure Jin Xingjian would become. He was injured by Platinum’s bullets, and his mana was completely unable to be used.
That night, Yu Shaobai’s body became weaker. Seeing his painful appearance, Ye Ming simply spit out half a Ye Ming Pill to heal his injuries and convey aura. However, Yu Shaobai’s expression changed drastically, and he suddenly stretched out his hand to grab the inner alchemy. Fortunately, Ye Ming’s eyesight was quick, and although he could escape, he also found something wrong with Yu Shaobai.
Ye Ming didn’t understand why he wanted to grab the pill, but Yu Shaobai explained that he seemed to be controlled by a strange power, so he lost his reason. Naturally, Ye Ming didn’t believe this explanation, but he couldn’t find useful evidence so far, so she thought of what Jin Xingjian once said, and she no longer blindly believed in Yu Shaobai as before, but had her own thoughts.
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