Recap: Unforgettable Love (2021) Episode 10

Jul 13, 2021

Unforgettable Love
Qin Yiyue ran to He Qiaoyan’s office and asked him to withdraw the lawsuit, but Mr. He didn’t think so. He felt that people should not be too emotional, and told Doctor Qin that it should be her job to take care of Xiaobao. Hearing this, I was irritated. He just said that he didn’t want to stay longer in this cold office for a second, so he collapsed. He didn’t even want Mr. He, but Mr. He still hugged her into his chair and pushed her away.
Wen Gu used the last time to look for Ruo Fei, and the two of them had a fight and they were spotted by Chairman Wen.
Mr. He took Xiaobao to study, and he actually read Galileo’s classic works. When Dr. Qin saw that he was not suitable for children of his age, he found several children’s books and looked for things together. But every time he found something, Mr. He always found out at a glance. , Makes Qin Yiyue feel so powerful.
The next morning, Dr. Qin felt angry when he saw He Qiaoyan and wanted to wait for him to go to work before going to the bathroom, but in his heart, Mr. He felt that her hands and feet were inconvenient to wait for her. The two of them fought together for a long time, He Yiyue decided to go out as soon as he came over to knock on the door, but He Qiaoyan still did not withdraw the complaint.
Qin Yiyue stopped him downstairs and told him to withdraw the complaint. He Qiaoyan took her princess into the bedroom and told Xiaobao to look after her. As soon as He Qiaoyan was about to swim, he found Qin Yiyue taking pictures of him in a corner. He snatched the phone and deleted the photos. Two people fell on the chair after he seized them. He Qiaoyan also said that Qin Yiyue was too heavy. He fell directly on him and was seen by the secretary who came in. It was Shenghuai’s mother who came to Mr. He. Mr. He told her that she did not prosecute because of Dr. Qin’s reasons, and took the initiative to bear the child’s school expenses, and hired a professional psychologist for his mother to face her psychological problems squarely.
After hearing about it, Yiyue went to the study to find Mr. He and rewarded him with a small bottle of yogurt because he was willing to help others, but Mr. He said that it was not because of his kindness, but because he admitted that he did it in her own way. Not bad. President He also showed her performance. Doctor Qin knocked over a book when he saw so many sleepy sleepers in it that he was angry. Inside the book was a picture of Mr. He’s brother and sister, and A girl, like Mr. He’s ex-girlfriend.
Doctor Qin was going to the bathroom to take a bath, but President He was too late to come out. When he knocked on the door, President He was ready to wash, but his face was not so good. He fell directly into Doctor Qin’s arms, and Dr. Qin was able to stand up all at once. After walking, it turned out that his feet were healed a long time ago. Dr. Qin helped him to the bed to take his temperature. It turned out that he had a fever, and it was only 38 degrees Celsius. Based on her professional knowledge, physical cooling was enough.
Doctor Qin tried to cool him physically, iced the towel, He always felt too cold, the wet towel, Dr. Qin forgot to wring it out, dripping water everywhere, the ginger soup that Dr. Qin boiled was all diced ginger. So Mr. He thought she was here to make money and kill him, making him very embarrassed. But in fact, Doctor Qin took care of his fever before going to bed in the middle of the night.
The next day, Wen Gu came to Mr. He. It turned out that it was the photo he took. It was Mr. He who was looking for someone. After Mr. Wen Gu complained, Mr. He happily wanted to buy him a car.
Dr. Qin came to Ning Fang’s studio to join, but he still wondered who the person in the photo was. Chairman Wen transferred Ruo Fei to Wen Gu’s assistant because he felt that Wen Gu listened more to her, so Wei Fei followed Wen Gu and listened to it. Every time he stirred up the girl he had, she was in Wen Gu. Gu stopped after returning home. It just so happened that Dr. Qin asked her to make a string.
But after Dr. Qin showed Ruo Fei the group photo, he was discussing who the woman in the photo was during the whole process. After returning home, he still thought about it. Even the voice was wrong and sent to Mr. He, Mr. He. Deliberately let her listen, but Doctor Qin said that he only wanted to help him find his previous warmth, not only for him but also for Xiaobao.
The next morning, Qin Yiyue asked He Qiaoyan to discuss Xiaobao’s visit to Sunshine Primary School, but this time he seemed to be shaken. He also called Professor Wu to sponsor Sunshine Primary School and asked him to introduce relevant and appropriate background experience. people.
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