Recap: Unforgettable Love (2021) Episode 3

Jul 13, 2021

Unforgettable Love
Mr. He saw that the temperature in the bathroom of Dr. Qin on the bracelet was too high and rushed to her house. He also cracked the code lock. Only when he broke in did he find that Dr. Qin was taking a bath. There was nothing wrong with him, but he was a little weak. Mr. He also locked the door of the bathroom. It took a lot of effort for Dr. Qin to get out, and he broke the lock, and Dr. Qin collapsed into Mr. He’s arms. Mr. He helped Doctor Qin to the bed and Xiao Bao took care of her all night, and also cleaned the house.
Early the next morning, Dr. Qin woke up in shock, but Mr. He did not rush to prepare breakfast. Dr. Qin was a little embarrassed when he recalled what happened last night. Suddenly seeing himself in pajamas, he asked He that it was always the clothes he changed for him. Mr. He actually said yes. Doctor Qin looked surprised and asked if he saw something.
Mr. He said yes and even teased Dr. Qin. She was in a five-to-five ratio and reported her weight. Doctor Qin was very angry and said that he hadn’t asked him about this. He also joked that she called her own memories. Doctor Qin asked him if he looked good. At this time, Xiaobao came out to remind him that President He praised Doctor Qin for being sexy, and Doctor Qin was embarrassed.
President He didn’t tell Dr. Qin to clean the house hard and divide the medicine carefully. Doctor Qin asked Mr. He how he knew his home password. Mr. He remembered what Dr. Qin had said and guessed it by himself. In order to express apology to Xiao Bao for not having his birthday, he agreed to a condition of Xiao Bao, which actually promised Xiao Bao to be his mother. At night, Xiaobao didn’t want President He but asked Doctor Qin to come and accompany her. If he didn’t agree, he would throw President He’s hard drive and crack his password.
On the second day, Mr. He and Mr. Xiaobao were very handsome and came to pick Dr. Qin out for a play. It turned out that all this was planned by Mr. Qin and Mr. Win Gude. They also asked Dr. Qin and Mr. He to go to the room to escape. They met NPC Dr. Qin on the way. There was a violent beating, which was completely different from what they had imagined, and there was no spark in the middle. Then go to the next destination together, the forest.
But after arriving in the forest, Xiao Bao secretly left with Wen Gu. The two of them thought they had lost Xiao Bao, so they rushed to find him. Doctor Qin saw Xiao Bao’s hat floating on the lake, so he rushed into the lake. President He stopped, and Wen Gu took a group photo and sent them to prevent them from worrying. Wen Gu drove away and only left them camping. In desperation, they had to stay in the forest.
The two people ate the same bowl of instant noodles and slept in a tent. The two chatted a lot, and their feelings were slowly heating up. After Dr. Qin went home, his best friend waited for her at home and asked her about what happened before. Only then did Dr. Qin know that Zhou Ziyang had not won the prize at all.
When he arrived at the hospital, Zhou Ziyang took the initiative to talk to Doctor Qin, but Qingqing saw him again, provoking Dr. Qin, and motivating her to let her attend the ceremony in the building. Dr. Qin still agreed to attend. So go shopping with my girlfriend to choose clothes.
President He and Xiaobao also dressed up to attend the ceremony. When Dr. Qin went to attend the ceremony, he was pretty dazzling, but Qingqing still came to find fault, and openly spoke in the public to slander Dr. Qin, and even took the matter between her and Mr. He. In order to crush her ex-boyfriend and embarrass Qingqing, Mr. He lied that he asked to marry Doctor Qin.
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