Recap: Unforgettable Love (2021) Episode 5

Jul 13, 2021

Unforgettable Love
Yiyue’s parents came in a surprise attack and actually asked Doctor Qin to clean up a new room. It seemed that the two were planning to stay for a while. President He saw the brother downstairs at Doctor Qin’s house and was jealous, so he called Wen Gu for advice. He also came to the studio of the brother himself. The two spoke tit-for-tat. Dr. Qin happened to come to see the cat and learned that Dr. Qin was going to invite the brother to eat the Internet celebrity hot pot restaurant. The brother was just about to say that Mr. He will be together, Mr. He just thought Agree, but Dr. Qin went back, saying that he would not eat this kind of food.
Mr. He turned around and found the hot pot restaurant and secretly observed the two of them behind. But an embarrassing thing happened. The waiter gave Mr. He who was in the corner a birthday. It was the scene of the death of the company. Then the shopkeeper made a request for a waiver. After the music stopped, the two people hugged each other. He saw that the senior brother was motivated, so he rushed over. As a result, the two happened to collide with each other, which was very embarrassing.
Mr. He was absent-minded during fitness and kept increasing his exercise volume. Suddenly he mentioned Mr. He’s ex-girlfriend Lin Wei, but Mr. He didn’t care at all about her whereabouts and why she left.
Doctor Qin’s mother saw President He and Xiaobao in the hospital, and went to talk to Xiaobao while President He was away, and was very anxious when she learned that Xiaobao called his daughter’s mommy. After returning home, she immediately questioned Qin Yiyue, her best friend could not stop her. Yiyue wanted to explain but couldn’t speak. Her parents had to ask to meet He Qiaoyan, but Qin Yiyue said that she had nothing to do with him, so her mother saw the chance.
Using a bitter trick, Doctor Qin also found an excuse to leave. He went downstairs and saw President He actually came. He was going upstairs and was stopped by Doctor Qin. He also doubted whether there was a man hidden in her house, but President He asked for it. She took two weeks to think about it, and put her data on the U disk according to the timeline, so that she could look at it, and if you don’t understand, just ask.
After Qin Yiyue went upstairs to discuss with her girlfriends what to do next, so…they thought of a way to make Ruofei pretend to be He Qiaoyan. Xiaobao also kept asking Mr. He when his mother would come at home, looking forward to it.
Early the next morning, Yiyue deliberately let her mother see He Qiaoyan’s WeChat. She used the toilet to leave an opportunity for her parents to send messages, but he did not expect President He to send a message to Dr. Qin, so Yiyue’s parents were Message to the real He Qiaoyan, and Ruofei’s mobile phone was also sent for repair, Wen Gu also gave He Qiaoyan an idea to see Qin Yiyue’s parents. As soon as he returned to his hometown, Mr. He took people there.
Mr. He brought a lot of gifts when he came to visit, and he directly called his parents. Yiyue’s parents asked if it’s too early to call it like this. Mr. He also wanted to praise Yiyue’s mother for being young, but he said the wrong thing. As soon as Yue was about to let He Qiaoyan leave, her parents stayed for dinner. During the chat, He Qiaoyan expressed her attitude towards marriage. Even the various marriage matters have been listed. Yiyue’s parents liked He very much. Qiao Yan. When asked about Xiaobao, He Qiaoyan also truthfully told everyone that Xiaobao is the child of his elder brother, and Yiyue just learned about it.
During the meal, Mr. He drank some wine and burnt himself. When he took the toothpaste, he felt the warm atmosphere of Yiyue’s home. He also expressed that he admired the feeling of home. He actually planned not to leave and went to sleep in Yiyue. In the room.
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