Recap: Unforgettable Love (2021) Episode 8

Jul 13, 2021

Unforgettable Love
Just a few days after he moved into the He’s house, Dr. Qin was always disgusted by He Qiaoyan. He also complained about the unbalanced nutrition of Dr. Qin, which caused hair loss. But Doctor Qin didn’t listen, and secretly cooked snails and lion powder, but Xiaobao found out, so the two of them secretly ate them without telling He Qiaoyan. After a while, He Qiaoyan came over and thought. The bathroom was blocked, and Doctor Qin explained that Xiaobao was farting. He Qiaoyan believed it and wanted to update Xiaobao’s recipe.
Doctor Qin wanted to take Xiaobao out to play and made a list of itineraries. As a result, He Qiaoyan only agreed to let him go to the museum, but Doctor Qin told Xiaobao that he had a way. So, Dr. Qin took Xiao Bao to climb the mountain and explained the Natural Museum at this time.
Wen Guyi came to the company and found that all the female employees who had been removed by his father had been transferred back. At first he thought it was an illusion, but when he asked, he realized that it was Yang Ruofei and his father. Mr. He just asked the secretary to report the information about Xiaobao and Doctor Qin going to the museum, but the secretary said that he had missed it. Today is Monday, and all the museums are closed. Mr. He then realized that he had secretly gone elsewhere. Wingut waited for Ruofei downstairs from get off work to invite her to dinner, but Ruofei refused.
When Dr. Qin took Xiaobao to climb the mountain, it happened to be heavy rain, but fortunately, President He appeared in time. An umbrella in the rain surprised Dr. Qin. But after returning home, he was criticized. Both Xiaobao and Dr. Qin caught a cold. He Qiaoyan did not leave Dr. Qin with any leeway and gave no face to him. He even found the bag of snails and lion powder that he had eaten in the morning. After the punishment, no unauthorized food could be brought into the home, and their snacks were confiscated.
But after they left, He Qiaoyan secretly opened the snacks, and he didn’t expect to eat them with relish. Doctor Xiao Qin also told Xiao Bao to show He Qiaoyan some color. Unexpectedly, Xiao Bao took the paintbrush while He was asleep, and secretly painted on his face. It was at Doctor Qin. As soon as he got the paintbrush, He Qiaoyan woke up and Xiaobao ran away secretly. The two were very close, and Doctor Xiao Qin drew a few strokes for himself.
Early the next morning, the two of them robbed the toilet together. They were preempted by President He, but President He picked up the underwear in the bathroom and put it in shyly… Today, Doctor Xiao Qin brought Xiao Bao to his alma mater to play. There was a parent-child interaction activity. I didn’t expect to meet Senior Brother Ning Fang at school. The two chatted together and suddenly talked about finding a school for Xiaobao. Senior Brother Ning Fang gave a suggestion to Sunshine Primary School, which is a special school for children with special needs. I also took Xiaobao to visit the school.
After returning home, Dr. Qin reported today’s affairs to Mr. He, but Xiaobao showed Mr. He the photos of Dr. Qin and Senior Brother Ning Fang. He was a little jealous, and he did not take his advice, let alone Dr. Qin. If that is the case, the angry Doctor Xiao Qin went back to the room by himself. Even before dinner, Xiao Bao asked him to coax him. He still used a commanding tone. Doctor Xiao Qin became even more angry, so he packed his bags and went home.
Wen Gu came again to invite Ruo Fei to have lunch with her, but was still refused. Little Bao took advantage of the fact that no one was paying attention at home, so she packed her luggage and went to see Doctor Qin. When she arrived at Doctor Qin’s house, she was afraid that He Qiaoyan was worried, so she sent him a message. He Qiaoyan went to pick up Xiaobao, but Xiaobao was unwilling to talk to him. When he went back, he did not agree to terminate the contract with Doctor Xiao Qin.
Qin Yiyue visited Senior Brother Ning Fang’s studio. He also invited Dr. Qin to work at his place. He prepared the office. After talking, Director Huang called and asked her to replace him in the class. After Dr. Qin passed by and found that Shenghuai’s mother had emotional problems, she asked to show her psychological problems at a hospital meeting, but Qingqing disagreed with this statement. After some theory, she had to talk with Shenghuai’s mother. During the communication, Qingqing intentionally or unintentionally slandered Doctor Qin and misunderstood her meaning, causing Shenghuai’s mother to misunderstand.
On the corridor, Shenghuai’s mother was very emotional when she called, and it happened that Dr. Qin passed by and pushed her down the stairs, just as He Qiaoyan came…
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