Recap: Unforgettable Love (2021) Episode 9

Jul 13, 2021

Unforgettable Love
After Dr. Qin rolled down the stairs, he was rushed to the hospital by He Qiaoyan. The ligament was strained and there was no fracture. He did not expect Zhou Ziyang to take care of it. President He asked to change doctor, but Dr. Qin asked her to believe in the quality of being a doctor, so President He went out and waited. Now, when he heard that he was about to take the crutches, he rushed in and picked up Doctor Qin. Afterwards, Shenghuai’s mother sent a Weibo malicious accusation against Dr. Qin, and also called many self-media workers to gather accusations at the entrance of the hospital. He Qiaoyan has already contacted the public relations team.
Just when the media workers gathered around the hospital, Qin Yiyue was picked up by Senior Brother Ning Fang. After returning home, everyone read the report together. Qingqing has been slandering Qin Yiyue, and Mr. He will not let it go. Mr. He rejected the meeting with the American team to resolve Yiyue’s matter, and even notified the legal affairs department to file a complaint. He Qiaoyan sued Qingqing. She and Zhou Ziyang also talked to He Qiaoyan, but President He was not to be outdone, and said that even if his wife Qin Yiyue is not responsible for the past, it does not mean that she can let others oppress her.
He Qiaoyan went to Qin Yiyue’s house to find her and asked to take her back. The two had a fight, and finally agreed to go home with him on the condition that Qin Yiyue’s five times the salary. Always carry her in. After returning home, Yiyue had told He Qiaoyan that she was going to work part-time in Senior Brother Ningfang’s studio. As for the contract, it would depend on Mr. He’s performance. Even when he returned to the room, He Qiaoyan had to push it back in person.
Qin Yiyue didn’t have enough clothes when she got up in the morning and accidentally knocked over the water glass. He Qiaoyan hurried to help. Yiyue was still wearing her pajamas. Although she said that she didn’t need it, he still helped. He tripped and touched Yiyue’s leg while handing her clothes.
Wen Gu expelled his four golden flowers, which was unexpected to Ruo Fei. In the evening, He Qiaoyan just arranged the itinerary to go to Lin’s house for dinner, but at this time Yiyue texted her to buy vegetables together. He just pushed it to the task, and Yiyue told him not to push it to others. This is a family activity. , So he canceled the meal and came in person.
When he arrived at the supermarket, He Qiaoyan pushed Yiyue, Yiyue pushed Xiaobao, and bought a lot of snacks, but Mr. He disagreed, but Yiyue cleverly asked He Qiaoyan to agree, and everyone ate together after returning home. For the hot pot, He Qiaoyan is very careful to tell Yiyue not to eat spicy food, and to not let her drink coke and ask her to drink hot water. Yiyue is still very happy. Thank you Mr. He.
When Dr. Qin was looking for something in the study, he accidentally saw that there were many pictures of girls in Mr. He’s drawer, and they were all from the back. She was still wondering what it was, so Xiao Bao called her, and they drew and painted together. Although the house is messed up, the family is very warm together.
Since Yiyue used prickly heat powder to puff her hair without washing her hair for many days, Mr. He asked her if she would like to help. Although Dr. Qin said casually, Dr. He thought that it was not casual to say that it was casual, so he washed Dr. Qin’s hair. It is also intimately blown dry. President He went back to the study and looked at the photo with the girl’s back in a daze.
Tomorrow morning, Xiaobao and Dr. Qin will send President He to work together. Xiaobao wants President He to kiss his mom. President He agreed. Although he said that he will not come true, President He still kissed his neck. Both of them seem to be a little bit. Touched, before going out, Mr. He also told Dr. Qin that a lawyer would come in the afternoon. It turned out that the lawyer was here to discuss the lawsuit against Shenghuai’s mother, but Dr. Qin didn’t want to file a lawsuit, so he called the lawyer back.
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