Lal Ishq

Lal Ishq

Country: Pakistan

Status: Complete

Released: 2017

Genre: drama, crime, mystery

Plot: Laal Ishq is a story about the aftermath of what happened 22 years ago. It’s a story about love, hate, anger, and revenge and how a single murder affects everyone. Baali (Iqbal) comes out after serving 22 years in prison for the murder of Mehr Hukam. Completely changed from being a strong, and angry man to being week aek and emotional, Baali goes in search for his kids. Everyone thinks that Baali is dead but one day the “Mehr’s” (Hukam’s family) find out the Baali is alive and out of prison.That day Marks the start of journey of Mehr Punaar to murder baali as her mother fasts everyday for 22 years .She will break that chain if baali dies , so Mehr Punaar and His maternal uncle "Mamo Muneer" embark on vendetta