Mary sue & jack sue

Mary sue & jack sue

Country: Taiwan

Status: Complete

Released: 2017

Genre: Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

Plot: Story centers around three girls with different personalities and explores their love life — Ai Ma (Qi Qi) is a struggling nameless actress, Niu Su Su (Li Yu Xi) is a top sales consultant and Li Zhi (Li Ying) is a gifted pretty girl. The three girls came to live under one roof by chance and this begins their friendship. Surrounding them are different types of guys — the warm childhood friend Su Zhi Huan (Jasper Liu), the elite CEO whocame back from overseas Gao Li Sen (Zhong Jun Sheng), flower boy Tang Tang (Huang Hong Xuan), low-key stoic guy Li Ke Li (Liu Dao Xuan) and the carefree Jiang Mo Jie (Lou Ming Sen). Using dramatic phrases "Mary Sue" and "Jack Sue" (used to describe overly idealized characters) to describe these vibrant characters, the drama will deconstruct the different set of values and attitude in love that these urban adults uphold. (credits: mydramalist)