Ngao Arthun

Ngao Arthun

Country: Thailand

Status: Complete

Released: 2017

Genre: Horror ,Drama ,Mystery

Plot: Jayramai, rising singer who going to be well-known in show biz, then he have to face with turn point when he meet Malika who is reporter from magazine will interview him in the day that he win popular song award. She ask him with question which she like to explore something After that, he know from his mother about his grandfather's death, and she reveal about secret which she's never leaked it before that Jayramai has to take care a Nung Talung that is his grandfather's property, and Jah call it as haunted Nung Talung Jayramai see a woman ghost after he got this Nung Talung. She has waited for him for long times, and do everthing to get him back. She can even obsess Katreeya, a star who is into him. • He wonder about his past life, especially when he see Malika. It like to has bond that connect them together, but that spirit don't give up. If he don't love her, she will kill him. Whether it has passed for 10 years or 100 years, but from now on he must live with her only