Tenbatsu 2010

Tenbatsu 2010

Country: Japan

Status: Complete

Released: 2010

Genre: horror

Plot: Up-and-coming director Tanaka Yoshiyuki creates this horror movie, set in a school with bright young cast members such as Yoshitani Ayako, a former child actress, and Koizumi Maya, a member of the Nippon Television-Genic 2009. Koda Yuki (Yoshitani Ayako), a member of the Horror Club at Kurokawa High School, hears a rumor that hanging a stone with the name of the person she hates on an old plaque board at the school prompts "Holy-sama," the executor of vengeance, to appear and execute punishment. Suspecting an affair between her boyfriend Michiharu (Umezawa Yu) and Ayami (Koizumi Maya), she goes through the ceremony for vengeance.

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