Your lady

Your lady

Country: Korea Sout

Status: Complete

Released: 2013

Genre: Melodrama romance

Plot: Eun-Soo (Lee Yu-Ri) is an orphan. She works at Manbok Company as an intern. One day, Eun-Soo happens to meet Jung-Hoon (Park Yoon-Jae) on the bus and later at a bar where Eun-Soo works at night in the kitchen. The next day they meet again at Manbok Company. Jung-Hoon is actually the son of the company's CEO, but he doesn't tell others about his background. He begins work that day at Manbok Company as a normal employee. Eun-Soo and Jung-Hoon gradually develop feelings for each other and fall in love. Later, Eun-Soo gets into a car accident. She is saved by a man named Jin-Koo (Lim Ho), but loses her memory. She can't even remember her own name. Eun-Soo though is pregnant. Eun-Soo then starts a new life under the new name of Oh Yoo-Jung. She also marries Jin-Koo. Six years later, Jin-Koo disappears. Oh Yoo-Jung tries to find her husband and walks into Manbok Company, where Jin-Koo was last known to have gone. She then hears a man's voice call her Eun-Soo.

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