Review: Douluo Continent (2021) Episode 33

Feb 17, 2021

Douluo Continent
Yu Xiaogang found out that Team Slanke was going to fight Blazing Academy in the next game. Blazing Academy only recruits fire martial arts spirits. Yu Xiaogang asked Tang San to concentrate on training the fire resistance of Blue Silver Grass and Ma Hongjun’s Evil Fire Phoenix Help him exercise.
Ye Zhiqiu was very satisfied with Ye Zhiqiu’s performance in those years. Ye Zhiqiu wanted to use his spirit skills to attack him when he was unprepared. However, he was discovered by the years and taught him a severe lesson. Ye Zhiqiu wanted to see Haotian Douluo and wanted to see him. The other players who had been controlled in those years will be discussed later when they agreed to enter the finals.
Ma Hongjun helped Tang San exercise Lan Yincao’s fire resistance, and his fire spirit ability did not hurt Lan Yincao. Tang San guessed that he had absorbed the eyes of ice and fire left by his mother. Prince Xue Xing came to Ning Fengzhi overnight and persuaded him to take Ning Rongrong home. Ning Fengzhi could see his tricks at a glance, and wanted to disrupt the team of Slanke.
Today, the Schranke Academy team played against the Blazing Academy. Tang San took Ning Rongrong, Xiao Wu, Ousike and Zhu Zhuqing to the ring. They looked down on the Blazing Academy and threatened to win the championship. The five team members of the opposing team launched fire attacks in five directions. Tang San summoned Lan Yincao to surround the students in the middle of the stage. Flames spurted from five directions, like five walls of fire, but they couldn’t get close at all, Tang San. I wanted to take my comrades to rush out of the wall of fire. I suddenly felt a trance. Five of them fell to the ground and fainted. Blazing Academy won easily.
At the end of the game, Yu Xiaogang severely taught Tang San and the others, condemning them for underestimating the enemy. The opponent defeated them without even sending out their spirit abilities. Tang San repeatedly confessed his mistakes, and the others realized the seriousness of the problem and fell deep. Deeply blame yourself. Ning Fengzhi saw this scene in the room, and Kua Yu Xiaogang did the right thing. Young people like Tang San should be beaten frequently to make them sober.
Tang San was not reconciled to give in. He vowed to compete with Canghui Academy. The students were also excited and encouraged each other. Ning Fengzhi was very pleased to see this scene, and he also talked about the incident that he was coerced by others. At first, a Title Douluo came to Ning Fengzhi and Chenxin and forced them to watch the game at the Soul Master Competition. One person must be killed, otherwise the Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect will be annihilated.
Ning Fengzhi had to send Ning Rongrong to the Schanke Academy. He did not expect that the Silanke Academy would also appear on the court. He saw Tang San and others. Aspirational, to persuade Osike to withdraw from the competition, Osike’s dream is to set up a theater troupe and write more dramas, Osike considered repeatedly and decided to quit the team.
Osike went to a nearby prop store to hang out, and Prince Xue Xing suddenly brought someone to him and gave him Fanxing, one of the three major theaters in Sky Dou City. This is what Osike dreamed of. When Tyrone learned that Prince Xue Xing had bought the Starry Theater and gave it to Osike, he immediately notified Tang San.
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