Review: Douluo Continent (2021) Episode 34

Feb 18, 2021

Douluo Continent
Tyrone yelled at Osike for betraying Team Slack for a small theater. Tang San was happy for Osike. Theater has always been his dream. Tang San could not hinder Osike from pursuing his ideals for his own sake, but was kind to Tyrone. Persuade each other.
Prince Xue Xing asked Osike to quit the Slacker Academy to revitalize the troupe. He kept urging Osike to sign the transfer letter. Osike was reluctant to give up such a good opportunity, but he was reluctant to leave the Slacker, and finally refused. The acquisition of Prince Snow Star. Osike returned to the Academy for the first time and insisted on fighting side by side with everyone. The students were united and vowed to win together.
Today is a crucial battle. The winner has a chance to enter the finals. Yu Xiaogang and the students are gearing up and eager to try. Only Ye Zhiqiu is on stage in Canghui Academy. All members of the Schranke Academy are fighting, and Dai Mubai is the first one. He opened his posture and showed his spirit ring. The referee Ju Douluo could see at a glance that he had eaten the strange velvet chrysanthemum, and he would be accepted as a disciple on the spot.
Only those who claimed that his spirit ability could practice this kind of fairy herb. For many years, he had only seen one person eat it, and he refused to make a mistake. This was a rare good opportunity. Dai Mubai wanted to win the game with all his heart, but was not interested in it. Ju Douluo had to wait for him to finish the game.
Tang San commanded the players to show their spirits and prepare to fight Ye Zhiqiu. He didn’t expect that Ye Zhiqiu would suddenly admit defeat, and then leave the ring without looking back. The players of Team Slanke looked at each other. They didn’t know Ye Zhiqiu’s true intentions. Fei Yibing won this victory with one pawn. At the end of the game, Ye Zhiqiu came directly to Tang San to explain the truth. He was very optimistic about Tang San, and decided to complete the Schanke into the finals. Before leaving, Ye Zhiqiu cheered for Tang San, gave him a note, and asked him to meet in the city at night. .
Ju Douluo came to Dai Mubai immediately, begging Dai Mubai to be his apprentice. Dai Mubai didn’t want to betray the Silanke Academy and the teacher, and flatly rejected Ju Douluo’s kindness. Prince Xue Xing felt that Xue Qinghe was very strange recently, and suspected that he was controlled by the people of the Spirit Hall, so he brought someone to confirm directly.
Qian Renxue, who became Xueqinghe, calmly brought Prince Xuexing into the room. Prince Xuexing saw the controlled Xueqinghe and verified his judgment. He just wanted to go out and call someone to come in and catch the fake Xueqinghe. The guards were already under control, and Xue Qinghe, who was incarnation of Qian Renxue, ordered the arrest of Prince Xue Xing on the charge of murdering the prince.
Xiao Wu felt that Tang San was very strange after seeing Ye Zhiqiu, and came to him overnight to ask Ming why. Tang San was surprised that Xiao Wu could see everything in his heart, so she took out the note Ye Zhiqiu told him and took Xiao Wu. Go to see Ye Zhiqiu in the city, and Ju Douluo saw this scene.
Osike helped Ning Rongrong build props overnight, and Ma Hongjun was curious about his feelings for Ning Rongrong, and Osike confessed. Liu Erlong helped Yu Xiaogang wash the clothes, and was afraid that he would not be able to do it tomorrow, so he dried the clothes with his fire martial arts spirit.
Yu Xiaogang was a pity for him. Rand kept hiding outside to practice exercises in order to create a chance for them to live alone. It was freezing cold outside, and Rand soon couldn’t bear it. He had no choice but to come in and urge Liu Erlong to leave. Yu Xiaogang naturally couldn’t ask for it, and he helped out, urging Liu Erlong again and again, and suddenly there was something floating in the house. All three of them were stunned by the petals of the strange velvet chrysanthemum.
Dai Mubai formulated a combat plan and greeted Ma Hongjun and the others to come over and discuss, only to find that Land, Yu Xiaogang, Liu Erlong, Ma Hongjun, Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing, Osike and Ma Hongjun were all stunned, and Dai Mubai was not at all stunned. Hesitate to take Zhu Zhuqing out. Ju Douluo suddenly appeared and admitted that he did all of this. He did not expect that Dai Mubai cared most about Zhu Zhuqing. Ju Douluo once again forced Dai Mubai to be his apprentice, promised to help him defeat Dai Weishi, and promised him to do it.
The king of the Star Luo Kingdom, Dai Mubai did not allow him to intervene in this matter and asked him to find someone else to be his apprentice. Ju Douluo could not pass on his cultivation skills. Only Dai Mubai was qualified to be his apprentice. He promised to help Dai Mubai. To cheat and win the next game, he must first become a member of the Wuhun Palace. Dai Mubai didn’t make a clear statement, but only asked him to wake Zhu Zhu up. With a light wave of Ju Douluo, Zhu Zhuqing regained consciousness.
Tang San and Xiao Wu came to see Ye Zhiqiu on time. Ye Zhiqiu took the two of them to a room where the other four students of the Canghui Academy were closed. They were all controlled by the spirit of the time. Ye Zhiqiu stole the antidote and wanted to give Dugu Bo Detoxification. As soon as Xiao Wu wanted to get closer to the room, two phantom-like spears of nothingness suddenly appeared. Xiao Wu was curious, and fought with the spears of nothingness.
The spears split into four, and Xiao Wu flew up and down to avoid the attack. , Suddenly a few returning mirrors appeared in front of him, Ye Zhiqiu persuaded Xiao Wu to stop, Xiao Wu still wanted to try again, countless spears of nothingness shot out of the returning mirror, surrounding the small dance group, Ye Zhiqiu asked Tang San to persuade Xiao Wu to come back as soon as possible , Otherwise he will definitely die, Xiao Wu uses teleport to quickly jump out of the encirclement.
Ye Zhiqiu loudly stopped his companions from exerting kung fu, brought Tang San and Xiao Wu to the room, and saw four walking dead people. They were controlled by the remnant dreams of martial souls and forced to enter their dreams, and they were no longer aware. He couldn’t communicate with others. In order to let Ye Zhiqiu compete, he just sealed his memory. Ye Zhiqiu wanted to save them, so he asked Dugu Bo and Tang San to help defeat the time and completely escaped from Canghui Academy.
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