Review: Douluo Continent (2021) Episode 35

Feb 18, 2021

Douluo Continent
Tang San couldn’t wait to ask Ye Zhiqiu whether the person behind Canghui Academy was Vast Sky Douluo. Ye Zhiqiu only met that person once, or turned into a cloud of black smoke to talk to the time. Ye Zhiqiu didn’t know the true face of that person, Tang San. Secretly vowed that if his father was really behind the scenes of Canghui Academy, he would stop his father from doing evil at all costs.
Early the next morning, the Slanke team was going to Wuhun City. Ning Fengzhi sent the Jinmaruan team in advance to make them comfortable and rushed to Wuhun City. Yu Xiaogang sent the horse team away on the spot. Wanting to take this opportunity to improve the students’ stamina, Ning Rongrong complained endlessly, and Land rushed over to negotiate with the people in Wuhun Hall, Liu Erlong and Yu Xiaogang led the students on the road.
Yu Xiaogang and his party travelled day and night, helping each other, and the journey was arduous and happy. Liu Erlong thought that Yu Xiaogang was about to meet Bibi Dong, the first Sect of Wuhun Hall, and felt sour. Yu Xiaogang admitted that he and Bibi Dong had fallen in love, but she chose the first Chihiro Chihiro to get married at the time, and Yu Xiaogang had to quit. . Osike and Ning Rongrong accompanied him all the way. He tried his best to make Ning Rongrong happy. Dai Mubai explained to Zhu Zhuqing about kissing her back then. Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai had lived and died together for so long, she had already let go.
The four academies came outside Wuhun city one after another. Only the Slacker Academy was late and Rand was anxious, and the five teams went through the formalities together to successfully enter the city. Ju Douluo asked Rand to go through the formalities of the game first. , He waited for the arrival of the students at the city gate, and Rand had to do so.
At this moment, Xue Qinghe led the people into Wuhun City mightily, and Ju Douluo and Land were very curious. In fact, Xue Qinghe was pretending to be Qian Renxue. She came to Bibi Dong and returned. Qian Renxue wanted to incarnate as Dai Mubai to control the Star Luo Kingdom, but later discovered that Dai Mubai had a very powerful brother Dai Weishi. She changed temporarily. Idea, successfully replaced Xue Qinghe, Qian Renxue suggested to Bibi Dong to integrate the power of Wuhun Hall and Heaven Dou City, annex Xingluo Kingdom in one fell swoop, unify the world and establish Wuhun Kingdom, Bibi Dong shouted to stop her.
Qian Renxue was very aggrieved and couldn’t help complaining. She rushed outside for nine deaths. Thanks to Tang San’s timely rescue, she returned alive. Bibidong asked about Tang San curiously. Qian Renxue was very sad and complained about Bibi. Regardless of her life and death, Bibi Dong summoned the Ten Thousand Years Demon Fox and asked Qian Renxue to be promoted to the four spirit rings.
Yu Xiaogang and his entourage came to Wuhun City and saw Ju Douluo waiting at the city gate. Ju Douluo wanted to take Tang San to meet someone. Dai Mubai refused to agree, worrying that Tang San would be in danger, Ju Dou. Luo guaranteed Tang San’s safety, and Dai Mubai was willing to give in. Ju Douluo brought Tang San to see Bibi Dong, the first Sect of Wuhun Hall. He remembered what his mother said before his death that he could bear the hatred in his heart to see Bibi Dong.
As soon as Tang San entered the door, she saw Qian Renxue. Qian Renxue revealed her newly promoted ten thousand year spirit ring to provoke him, threatening to win this competition, and Bibi Dong controlled Tang San and easily found out that Tang San had ten thousand years. Nian’s spirit ring, also possesses the two spirits of Blue Silver Grass and Clear Sky Hammer. Bibi Dong believes that he is Tang Hao’s son, and clearly stated that she did not participate in the hunt that year. Tang San struggled to question the people who participated in the killing of his parents Bibi Dong avoided answering and asked him to see him on the court.
Tang San came out in despair, Qian Renxue offered to send him off and took him around Wuhun City by the way. Ghost Douluo suddenly appeared. He was ordered to inform the people of the Star Luo Kingdom. He is now returning to Bibi Dong and Tang San found out His back was a black shadow, and the human form disappeared in an instant. Tang San remembered that Yu Xiaogang had seen killing Su Yuntao with his own eyes and recognized that it was a black shadow.
Qian Renxue firmly believed that Ghost Douluo would not kill and doubted Cang. The people behind Hui Xueyuan pretended to be Ghost Douluo and killed Su Yuntao. Qian Renxue asked Tang San to investigate the people behind Canghui Academy. Tang San proposed to enter the library and check the records of Wuhun Hall’s activities over the years, Qian Renxue. Immediately alert, Tang San lied to check the love history of Yu Xiaogang and Bibi Dong before Qian Renxue relaxed her guard.
Yu Xiaogang guessed that Ju Douluo took Tang San to see Bibi Dong. He came to Bibi Dong all night. Two former lovers, but now they are in the same stranger, Bibi Dong explained that she had let Tang San go. Yu Xiaogang turned around and wanted to leave. Bibi Dong struggled to keep him and promised to make him a well-known soul master. Yu Xiaogang was not interested in this, and walked away without looking back.
Qian Renxue gave Tang San his martial arts order, and asked him to come to the library to check the documents at any time. They went out and met the leader of the Wuhun Palace team Xie Yue. Xie Yue sent out soul skills to attack Tang San. Qian Renxue desperately blocked him. , Let Tang San leave quickly, Xie Yue was not reconciled and asked Tang San to report her name to see him in the arena.
Tang San met Yu Xiaogang when he went out, and Yu Xiaogang didn’t know the exit of Wuhun Hall. They had to walk and look for it. They didn’t expect the Wuhun token to be very majestic. Everywhere they went, people were respectful, Tang San decided Use this token to go to the library first.
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