Review Dramas

Review: Mr. Queen: Episodes 7-8

Jan 4, 2021

Rivalries come to light when the queen’s wellbeing is in danger. But more than jealous confrontations and drink-offs, our queen has bigger problems...

Review: Run On: Episode 5

Jan 3, 2021

Our translator and athlete face some hard truths about each other, but will that be enough to counter the magnetic pull that keeps bringing them into each other’s orbit?

Review: Lovestruck in the City: Episodes 2-3

Jan 1, 2021

Our city lovers are given some tough questions this time around, unearthing not-so-pleasant memories and feelings.

Review: Run On: Episode 4

Dec 31, 2020

To run or not to run? Our national track runner puts his career on the line as he answers this question, and though the repercussions may be harsh, he’s more than ready to face the aftermath.

Review: Run On: Episode 3

Dec 30, 2020

Our translator and athlete get closer this week, as work and life (and mutual interest) pull them together.

Review: Secret Royal Investigator: Episode 1

Dec 28, 2020

After a long sageuk dry spell, Secret Royal Investigator is here to offer a light mystery comedy about an investigator trio embarking on a royal mission.