Review Dramas

Review: Mr. Queen: Episodes 5-6

Dec 28, 2020

Things are not going well for our hero. As expected, returning to his body and his present-day life is not as easy as jumping back into the mysterious lake.

Review: Run On: Episode 2

Dec 24, 2020

As our protagonists get to know each other a little better, we learn that our hero may not be as dispassionate or aloof as he first seemed.

Review: Lovestruck in the City: Episode 1

Dec 24, 2020

Lovestruck in the City is here, as Kakao’s latest experiment into K-dramas. We have a different show length, airing time, and (surprise!) format than what we’re used to.

Review: Kairos: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Dec 23, 2020

In a powerful finale, Kairos delivers everything we were expecting and more—a satisfying, emotionally resonant resolution of our heroes’ journeys so far.

Review: Mr. Queen: Episodes 3-4

Dec 21, 2020

As our hero in a queen’s body gets drawn into court politics and the mystery around the lake incident, he’s slowly able to piece together the queen’s story.

Review: True Beauty: Episodes 3-4

Dec 19, 2020

Our goddess is saved from potentially revealing her bare face at school, but a cake in the face is not the only drama she’ll have to deal with.