Review Dramas

Review: Run On: Episode 1

Dec 19, 2020

What sounds like a typical love story between a runner and a translator turns out to be quite atypical in this first episode of Run On.

Review: Kairos: Episodes 13-14

Dec 17, 2020

My head was spinning with all the twists and turns Kairos took this week, and the reveals we got in the past, present and future.

Review: True Beauty: Episode 2

Dec 17, 2020

Our heroine might be known as a goddess at her new school, but that doesn’t mean she can rest easy.

Review: Fly Dragon: Episode 12

Dec 16, 2020

Our team takes one step closer to winning the retrial, but things don’t run as smoothly as they hoped.

Review: True Beauty: Episode 1

Dec 14, 2020

tvN’s adaptation of popular webtoon True Beauty is finally here! Living in a world obsessed with beauty, our heroine learns first-hand...

Review: Mr. Queen: Episodes 1-2

Dec 14, 2020

Mr. Queen is here, and so far it’s every bit the crazy ride we expected. In its opening week we meet our hero, follow his magical mishap,...