Review Dramas

Review: Kairos: Episodes 11-12

Dec 10, 2020

In a whirlwind of a week, our heroes finally put the puzzle pieces together in both the present and future, gearing up for the fight of their lives.

Review: The Spies Who Loved Me: Episode 10

Dec 7, 2020

Three may be a crowd but it’s the reality when our designer’s husbands are forced to team up.

Review: Cheat on Me, If You Can: Episode 1

Dec 6, 2020

With a mix of cheekiness and grim humor, Cheat on Me, If You Can is about a famous crime novelist and her divorce attorney husband.

Review: Tale of the Nine Tailed: Episode 15

Dec 4, 2020

The battle is nigh, and everyone feels the weight of what’s coming. Our hero prepares to put his self-sacrificing plan into place, spending his remaining time with his loved ones.

Review: The Uncanny Counter: Episode 1

Dec 3, 2020

OCN’s newest webtoon adaptation is here! We dive quickly into the midst of things as our strange gang of demon hunters carry out a mission and attempt to recruit a new member.

Review: Awaken: Episodes 1-2

Dec 2, 2020

Mind games, puzzles, and some creepy twists! tvN’s latest crime thriller Awaken gets off to a slow and predictable start, but once it hits its pace, injects some excitement that promises a more