REVIEW EP 10 "PENTHOUSE: WAR IN LIFE" - Yoon Hee also declared war on Seol Jin "She will take what Seol Jin has and get back the things Seol Jin stole

Nov 30, 2020

City Couple’s Way of Love
The physical teacher who came to Joo Dan Tae's house showed a clip of Seok Hoon's fighting to Dan Tae, he wants to punish Seok Hoon. But Dan Tae bribes the teacher, asking him to delete the clip and ignore everything.
Now that Yoon Hee has moved to Hera Palace, everyone is surprised and doesn't believe she has moved here. Yoon Hee gives Dan Tae's recommendation letter to prove she lives here. Seo Jin calls Dan Tae to clarify everything, he says it's true. This is a plot of Soo Ryun and Yoon Hee, giving the conditions for Yoon Hee to move into Hera Palace after that Yoon Hee will transfer the land of Cheong-myeong to him. Soo Ryun gave the piano to Ro Na and she liked it very much.
Knowing that Yoon Hee moved to Hera Palace, people plotted to find a way to kick Yoon Hee out. At this time, Seol Jin asked her husband if he saved Yoon Hee, and the two had an argument. Seol Jin thinks that her husband has not forgotten him ex, so he saved her and helped her get into Hera Palace to live. In the past, Yoon Chul broke up with Yoon Hee and married Seol Jin because he wanted to get a scholarship to study abroad at Cheong A School.
Soo Ryun, while sleeping, dreamed of Seol Min A who was strangled by Seol Jin and pushed down from above. She woke up to find Dan Tae staring at her. He warned her not to get intimate with Yoon Hee.
Yoon Hee started getting to know people at Hera Palace, first the lawyer Lee Gyu Jin, and she won his sympathy. At this time, Seol Jin passed by Yoon Hee and warned her that she would kick her out of Hera Palace as soon as possible. Yoon Hee also declared war on Seol Jin "She will take what Seol Jin has and get back the things Seol Jin stole from her"
After entering Hera Palace, Yoon Hee transferred the land to Dan Tae as promised, and Logan Lee was the one to buy the entire land.
Ha Eun Byul stole Ji Hee's things, then blamed Ro Na. Seol Jin found Yoon Hee's ex-mother-in-law, hired her go to Hera Palace to humiliate Yoon Hee and be able to kick Yoon Hee out easily. Yoon Hee questioned her ex-mother-in-law, the unjust and humiliating that she had endured over the years, everyone in Hera Palace sympathized with her. Because it was so sad that Yoon Hee met Doctor Ha, Seol Jin accidentally saw this scene. Then Seol Jin went to see Dan Tae, Yoon Chul stalked, wanting to know who she was affair with. Finally, Yoon Chul knew that the person was Joo Dan Tae.