Dec 8, 2020



At the beginning of episode 14 we see why Yoon Hee convinced Logan Lee to meet Joo Dan Tae. It turned out that before, Soo Ryun instructed Yoon Hee how to approach Logan Lee because this is the person Joo Dan Tae cares most about now. If she wants to reach Logan Lee, she must have access to his secretary because Logan Lee only works through secretary. Soo Ryun created the best profile by Yoon Hee to meet Logan Lee, then Yoon Hee went to see Logan Lee's secretary for the first time but was rejected but she was not discouraged and the second time she was met with Logan Lee. Yoon Hee convinces him to meet Joo Dan Tae and says that Dan Tae cheated on all her possessions and this is the only chance she can get back her lost money. And Logan Lee agrees to meet with Joo Dan Tae the next day.


Logan Lee goes to meet Joo Dan Tae but Dan Tae doesn't believe this is Logan Lee and says that hhe is not fooled by Yoon Hee. Then Logan Lee took the phone to call him directly, when Dan Tae only believed this was Logan Lee who he wanted to meet.


Transition to the scene where Soo Ryun meets Seo Jin and she interrogates Seo Jin about the ruby ring. Seo Jin panicked, worried and said that she had never been a ruby ring. Seo Jin asked Soo Ryun what she had to date, Soo Ryun just said she wanted to invite everyone in Hera Palace to her family party to congratulate the two children selected in the Cheong A exam.


Dan Tae accepted Yoon Hee in the company, he invited Loagan Lee weekend to Hera Palace to attend the party. Dan Tae asks her why she wants to enter his company and why she knows this information. Yoon Hee answered that she just wanted to make money and passed lawyer Lee, so Yoon Hee knew that the person Dan Tae needs to meet most now is Logan Lee. Then Yoon Hee saw Seo Jin looking for Dan Tae, Soo Ryun at home overheard their conversation because Yoon Hee was previously hiding the eavesdropping device in Dan Tae's office. Seo Jin questions Dan Tae why he sent the flower basket and ruby ​​ring to her. Dan Tae said he was not the sender. Seo Jin then suspects the sender is Soo Ryun because she knows about their adultery and she is related to Min Seol A but Dan Tae protests because it can't be Soo Ryun. Dan Tae tells Seo Jin the truth about his and Soo Ryun's past. Dan Tae again suspects Seo Jin's husband is the one behind everything. Logan Lee was considering who could potentially kill Seo A when the secretary informed that the day Seo A died, Yoon Hee was also present.


Dan Tae takes Soo Ryun to go shopping, the housekeeper calls Logan Lee to announce, the next day he disguises himself as a physical teacher to the shopping mall continues to intimidate Soo Ryun. Ha Eun Byul told everyone that the person pretending to be Seol Ah was Ro Na, everyone immediately suspected Ro Na, then stole Ro Na's phone, the more Seol A's image was discovered in her phone making the children believe that Ro Na was the one impersonating Seol Ah. Logan Lee meets Yoon Hee wanting to inquire about Seol Ah's death, after the conversation, Logan Lee can remove Yoon Hee from his list of suspects. While getting on the elevator to her home, Yoon Hee encounters the illusion of meeting Seol Ah. Soo Ryun sent gifts to Yoon Hee and her daughter to come the party.


Everyone went to Hera Palace to attend the party and there was Logan Lee. Here Seo Jin talks about Dan Tae's 2 children who are not Soo Ryun's biological children. Dan Tae furiously pulled Seo Jin out, Seo Jin cried and asked Dan Tae if he loved her. By accident, Logan Lee learned of their adultery, Dan Tae and Seo Jin hugged and kissed, then Dan Tae asked Seo Jin to go inside first, at this time Dr. Ha appeared to fight Dan Tae, Dan Tae asked him divorcing Seo Jin, lawyer Lee discouraged but turned into a fight between 3 people. Dr Ha announced that she would not divorce Seon J In. After that, everyone lit a light-up ceremony, suddenly a doll fell with the words "Killer Min Seol Ah is here", making everyone panic