Review ep 16 "PENTHOUSE": Oh Yoon Hee is the culprit that killed Min Seol Ah

Dec 22, 2020

Review ep 16 "PENTHOUSE": Oh Yoon Hee is the culprit that killed Min Seol Ah


After the alcohol was stunned, Oh Yoon Hee instinctively went to the balcony on the 47th floor, where Min Seol A died. And suddenly remembered all scenes of that day.


The day Min Seol A died, while drunk, Oh Yoon Hee accidentally witnessed Joo Dan Tae (Uhm Ki Joon) strangling Min Seol A.


However, it seems that Dan Tae is not really awake right now, because when he heard a loud noise like the sound of a pot of broken plants, Dan Tae suddenly startled and ran away, it seems that Oh Yoon Hee saved Min Seol Ah.


Everyone thought Min Seol Ah was saved in the end. For a moment, Yoon Hee thought of her daughter and without Min Seol Ah her daughter would get a place at Cheong A. And so ...


Seo Jin assassinated his own father to take the position of chairman of the council. But her's spirit was heavily attacked, maybe this will be the reason for Seo Jin's madness? Now, although officially became the chairman of the council of Cheong A, but Seo Jin can not rest because of haunting the death of her father. At the peak, she dreamed of her father looking for the her crime.


Although Seo Jin and Dan Tae (Uhm Ki Joon) love each other, the couple confronted each other with great tension because of their children in episode 16. Seo Jin of course couldn't let her daughter Eun Byeol (Choi Ye Bin) lose at the hands of others. But Dan Tae also does not fit. On the surface, with Seo Jin, he silently harmed Eun Byeol so that Seok Gyeong surpassed.


Not only because of their children, but it seems that the couple's feelings are also having problems, Seo Jin comes to the mansion to meet Dan Tae for comfort, who unexpectedly canceled the appointment but also met Oh Yoon Hee.


Surely everyone is curious about what Dan Tae's secret room is. Thanks to Logan Lee, Soo Ryeon was able to enter her husband's secret room. However, in this more shocking with many secrets. In particular, there is a map of a red land residential area on the land owned by Hye In, Soo Ryeon's daughter. We now know why Ju Dan Tae raised Hye In for 16 years in the hospital and killed her. The most shocking thing is that Soo Ryeon once betrayed Dan Tae to come to her lover in America.