Dec 22, 2020


Opening episode 17 is the scene where Soo Ryun confesses to being Min Seol Ah's real mother, making Yoon Hee very shocked and scared. Soo Ryun apologized to Yoon Hee for using her feelings during the past time to avenge Seol Ah.
Yoon Hee recalled that night, because Ro Na was not admitted, she had an argument with her, she was extremely sad, then went to the riverbank to drink by herself. In her drunkenness, she decided to go to Hera Palace to find Seo Jin. She went to Hera Palace when she met Seol Ah and asked for help because the people here were trying to kill Seol Ah. Then Yoon Hee saw that Dan Tae was about to push Seol Ah down when she accidentally broke the tree, causing a noise, Dan Tae frantically ran away leaving Seol Ah, Seol Ah thanked Yoon Hee for saving her, but  Yoon Hee pushed Seol Ah down from the 47th floor, with Yoon Hee's hand a red apple necklace by Seol Ah.
Soo Ryun said that she saw the killer who killed Seol Ah make terrified Yoon Hee, but she only saw that person wearing a ruby ​​ring so Soo Ryun was sure the culprit was Seo Jin and Dan Tae. Soo Ryun was talking to Logan Lee's phone, reminding her that Yoon Hee was also one of the suspects to kill Seol Ah, and also don't trust anyone completely, making Soo Ryun confused. Meanwhile Yoon Hee went home, looking in the pocket of Seol Ah's necklace jacket. What Soo Ryun saw when Seol Ah was killed was Seol Ah's necklace, not Seo Jin's ruby ​​ring. Knowing that she was the killer of Seol Ah, Yoon Hee was worried and scared all day long, she dreamed about Seol Ah and Soo Ryun asking for her crimes.
Ro Na was arrested to the police station for stealing, Yoon Hee went to the police station to bail Ro Na back. Ro Na definitely didn't listen to her mother. Yoon Hee and Ro Na went to the riverbank to talk, Yoon Hee demanded suicide because Ro Na refused to go to school. After seeing her mother like that, Ro Na decided to go back to school.
Yoon Hee decided to hide her murder of Min Seol Ah, she took all the items related to that day to burn including the necklace. Soo Ryun asked her to talk about Seol Ah but she refused, Yoon Hee blamed Soo Ryun for revenge for Seol Ah for taking advantage of her. Soo Ryun wanted Yoon Hee to be a witness, but she refused.
Ro Na went to school again, shocked Ha Eun Byul, unable to do the exam. Then called Ro Na and threatened to spread rumors about the relationship between Ro Na's mother and her father. Seok Hoon told Ha Eun Byul, Ha Eun Byul's mother and his father were having an affair. Joo Dan Tae begins to have feelings for Yoon Hee.
The position of President of Cheong A Hospital was assigned to Dr. Ha, and Seo Jin was furious. Seo Jin was sent a clip of her assassination by an anonymous person, which scared her. She couldn't call Dan Tae, she immediately went to see him to talk directly.
Soo Ryun intentionally ruined the business, Dan Tae was extremely angry, wanted to assassinate Soo Ryun, but she managed to escape.