Dec 28, 2020


Opening episode 18 is the quarrel of Dan Tae and Soo Ryun. Soo Ryun tries to run away from Dan Tae, accidentally meets the maid, Soo Ryun reminds her that the maid will take care of her two children. Dan Tae calls Secretary Jo to arrest Soo Ryun but Seok Hyun snatches his phone and says let her go, Dan Tae slaps Seok Hyun but Seok Hyun is not afraid but challenges to tell the story. kill at Hera palace for everyone to know. Soo Ryun came to find Logan Lee, Hye Jin was brought to America. Logan Lee wants after avenge Seol Ah, the two travel together to America to get rid of Dan Tae. Soo Ryun cries and says that she doesn't deserve a new life, she feels sorry for Seol Ah, Hye Jin, Seok Hoon, and Seok Kyung. Dan Tae can't find Hye Jin and Soo Ryun is extremely angry. Dan Tae made an appointment to meet Yoon Hee, when Soo Ryun called to Yoon Hee to testify that Dan Tae was the one who killed Seol Ah, but Yoon Hee refused. Dan Tae wanted Yoon Hee to tell him Soo Ryun's location, he would give what Yoon Hee wanted then Dan Tae kissed Yoon Hee. Yoon Hee asks Dan Tae to take advantage of her, and will tell him Soo Ryun's entire plan of revenge. Dan Tae wanted to know why Yoon Hee betrayed Soo Ryun, take his side, she said because Soo Ryun betrayed her first.


On the other hand, Seo Jin is worried about who sent the clip that night. Seo Jin could not phone Dan Tae when he was extremely angry when he accidentally met Yoon Hee in Hera and Dan Tae lobby. Seo Jin suspects Yoon Hee was the one who sent the clip threatening her. Dan Tae investigates but Yang butler forced her to tell Soo Ryun's whereabouts, but housekeeper Yang said that because Gu Hu Dong knew her weaknesses, she was forced to do so. At school Ha Eun Byul didn't do well on the exam, remembering Seok Hyun saying that Ha Eun Byul's mother had an affair with his father, she was insane. Ha Eun Byul went to Seon Jin's office to find evidence when Seo Jin accidentally stepped in and asked what Ha Eun Byul was doing here. Yoon Hee came to meet Soo Ryun on a yacht, Soo Ryun continued to persuade Yoon Hee to come out as evidence but Yoon Hee refused. Yoon Hee wants to know where Soo Ryun is so she can inform Dan Tae.


Thanks to Dan Tae, Yoon Hee and Ro Na began to receive special treatment at school as well as at Hera Palace. Dan Tae appoints Yoon Hee at the penthouse, gives her the house key. Yoon Hee asked Dan Tae to divorce Soo Ryun, then go with her. Logan Lee and Soo Ryun begin their revenge plan. Logan Lee invited everyone from Hera Palace and the kids to a concert. The people in Hera Palace were taken to a limosine, then drugged and the children were locked in the penthouse. Everyone woke up in a panic and locked up in a car where Seol Ah was killed. There was a person in black who began to question their guilt.