Jan 4, 2021



Chairman Joo Dan Tae was arrested on suspicion of embezzlement and investment fraud. At this point, he realized that Logan Lee was Gu Hu Dong. Logan Lee then told Soo Ryun that he thought director Jeong Du Man was the biological mother of Seok Kyung and Seok Hoon because he found a picture in Joo Dan Tae's safe, and Soo Ryun was shocked to see. this picture. News of Joo Dan Tae's arrest and his adultery clip with Seo Jin was posted on social media.


The Min Seol Ah murder case is also being investigated. Giving evidence before dead Seol Ah was bullied by people living in Hera Palace. Everyone involved in Min Seol Ah's death was investigated and interrogated by the police. Oh Yoon Hee heard this news, panicking for Ro Na, and rushed back to Hera Palace to find her daughter. At this time, Seo Jin is also being questioned at the police station, she denied all the prosecutor's accusations, and threatened to sue again for causing damage to Choeng A. Soo Ryun's fund returning to the penthouse when meeting Seok Kyung, Seok Kyung angrily said that everything they are suffering is caused by Soo Ryun, she doesn't love them, only takes care of revenge for her dead daughter. Seok Hoon coaxed Seok Kyung to calm down.


Yoon Hee could not phone Ro Na, rushed home to find Soo Ryun at her house. She immediately asked if Soo Ryun did anything to Ro Na. Soo Ryun wanted Yoon Hee to confess to killing Min Seol Ah, but Yoon Hee refused, fearing her daughter would later live as the daughter of the killer. Yoon Hee begged Soo Ryun to let it go. At that moment, Ro Na entered the house outside. Soo Ryun planned to tell Ro Na about this, but Yoon Hee stopped her, promising to confess the next day. Ha Eun Byeol couldn't stand the shock so she committed suicide. Seo Jin asked Soo Ryun to say she was not the one to kill Seol Ah, so she asked Soo Ryun to stop everything, Soo Ryun said that what Seo Jin encountered was due to her self-taking, having an affair with her husband Soo Ryun. , bully Seol Ah. Soo Ryun asked Seol Ah to leave the chairman of Cheong A Group and stop teaching. Yoon Hee met Joo Dan Tae wanted him to kill Soo Ryun, Dan Tae asked the reason, Yoon Hee said because Soo Ryun knew that Yoon Hee had an affair with Dan Tae, she couldn't forgive her.


Joo Dan Tae sent seeker Logan Lee and Soo Ryun, Logan Lee wanted Soo Ryun to come to America with him, but she refused because she had to worry about Seok Kyung and Seok Hoon. Soo Ryun sent Yoon Hee until 6pm to confess. Soo Ryun prepared to go to America, when there was a phone call saying Seok Kyung and Seok Hoon were taken into Dan Tae's room, afraid they were being abused, she rushed to the penthouse. Suddenly stabbed to death by a stranger, Yoon Hee then entered and saw Soo Ryun lying on a pool of blood. Housekeeper Yang came home and thought Yoon Hee killed Soo Ryun, everyone thought Yoon Hee killed Soo Ryun.


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SỐC: Bà cả Penthouse bị tiểu tam một dao đâm chết ngay tập kế cuối, chuyện quái gì đang xảy ra vậy? - Ảnh 2.

SỐC: Bà cả Penthouse bị tiểu tam một dao đâm chết ngay tập kế cuối, chuyện quái gì đang xảy ra vậy? - Ảnh 3.