Review ep 47 "Legend of Fei"

Jan 20, 2021

Disha and Yu Wenzhi found a stone in the shape of Ganoderma lucidum outside a cave. The stream next to it flowed. After some exploration, they finally found a stone in the stream. I saw that the person who studied the terrain reversed the stone, turned the living water into staggary water, and then pressed the ganoderma lucidum stone, and the mountain stone gate slowly came.


Before entering the door, Lu Tiankuang and Gu Tianxian had a dispute. Because of the private collusion between Hu Tianying and Yu Wenzhi, Gu Tianxian completely did not trust Lu Tiankuang, and there was no cooperation between the two, but they were in charge of each other.


When they entered the door, they found that it was actually a village in a paradise. Gu Tianxian wanted to ask about the same sea and sky, but Lu Tiankuang ordered all the people to be imprisoned. Although Gu Tianxian did not stop Lu Tiankuang’s behavior, he disdained this kind of brainless recklessness.


Zhou Fei and others were on the way down the mountain to look for them according to the poems. Xie Yun was called away by a letter from Chen Zichen, which said that the enemy was coming and hoped that Xie Yun could return to the army for advice. Zhou Fei and Xie Yun separated from each other.


Xie Yunxing was halfway there and suddenly heard the sound of the people’s cry for help around him. Recently, there have been many battles. These movements have long been strange to the soldiers. Xie Yun learned that General Wendi was stationed here and fought with the enemy several times. He immediately changed his route to Anping Army.


Over the years, Xie Yun has seen too many people whose families have been destroyed and killed because of the war, and the corpses have been everywhere. The Chen family has long been in charge of power for a long time, and the people live and work in peace and contentment. Xie Yun does not want to drag the people into the disaster again. He was originally grateful to the previous dynasty.

Now Xie Yun confessed his ambitions and he has plans for the future.


As soon as Zhou Fei and his party approached the entrance of the Great Medicine Valley, they saw corpses all over the ground, and there was a surviving child in the grass. Everyone followed the children before they were able to enter the Great Medicine Valley. As soon as they entered the valley, Zhou Fei and others saw that the people were imprisoned separately by the earth, and wanted to threaten their lives and force them to say what the sea and sky were hidden.


Li Ji didn’t want to hit the stone with the pebbles. He wanted to go down the mountain first to find Wendi to send troops for help, but Disha slaughtered one person every half an hour, and he couldn’t wait for them to find reinforcements at all. Everyone was led by Zhou Fei. Although she hesitated for a moment and had difficulty deciding, she finally chose to take risks to save countless lives in front of her.


Wu Chuchu drew lots and needed one person to go to the foot of the mountain to look for Wendi for help. Zhou Fei attracted Lu Tiankuang and Gu Tianxian in the name of challenge, so that Li Yu and Yang Yu could take the opportunity to save people, while Li Yan went to the back mountain alone to rescue the woman who was detained alone.


Gu Tian appeared to challenge Zhou Fei. Although he felt strange, he could not stop the impulsive Lu Tiankuang.
Li and Yang Yu easily slaughtered the people with the hidden weapons of elixir and successfully rescued the people. Gu Tian seemed to know Zhou Fei’s plan to adjust the tiger to leave the mountain. He wanted to call him back to Lu Tiankuang, but the two had not been together for a long time. When they joined forces to resist Zhou Fei, they fought with each other.


Wu Chuchu successfully found Wendi for help, but Li Yan was locked in the cave. Fortunately, who returned to the Great Medicine Valley, Ying He Cong pretended to be a woman and used his poisonous tongue to sneak into the guard, so that he was able to escape. Li Yan and Li Qian joined in and evacuated the people separately to save other people imprisoned elsewhere.


At this time, Xie Yun also followed the password left by Zhou Fei all the way to the Great Medicine Valley, and repeatedly searched for a grain and fodder storage place. Yu Wenzhi was ready to move recently. Xie Yun originally wanted to destroy food and fodder. Unexpectedly, his men searched and found that these rice grains were covered with sand and gravel. I thought that the real food and fodder were not here.