Review ep 48 "Legend of Fei"

Jan 20, 2021

Li Wei borrowed the fire oil stored by the local villagers, blew up the last guard to pieces of bones, and successfully saved everyone. These rushing out villagers made Shen Tianshu feel that things were not good. Xie Yun also found a real food and fodder storage at the same time. The wine jar broke, and a few torches turned it into ruins.


Goodbye Zhou Fei took advantage of the fact that the two of the two people were at the same time when they landed in the sky and successfully subdued Gu Tianxian. Everyone also met at this time. Zhou Fei originally planned to threaten the earth with Gu Tianxian, but Lu Tiankuang actually took the initiative to pierce Gu Tianxian’s heart and died on the spot. Just as Lu Tiankuang was preparing to besiege Zhou Fei and others, Wu Chuchu came to support with Anping’s army in time.


Zhou Fei and others’ crisis was temporarily relieved. Li Ji raised his eyes and looked at the sun on the top of the mountain ahead. Many birds nested on it and sang, which corresponded to the poems of the sea and the sky. Although Lu Tiankuang retreated temporarily with people with the earth, there was still one person who secretly followed Zhou Fei and others.


Zhou Fei and others escaped from danger but did not leave immediately. Lu Tiankuang immediately guessed that they had found the sea and sky entrance.


Zhou Fei and others found a mountain wall according to the poems, searched around, and happened to see a stone shaped like a squis, and pressed it without moving. Li Ji found all the organs by Qimen method, but saw a stone gate slowly lowered in the stone wall that was originally the same. Only then did Li Ji find that this place was the Qi gate.


After everyone entered it, Shen Tianshu also followed him with the earth. Although the stone gate was closed, it could not defeat him for a long time. When the stone gate was reopened, Shen Tianshu deliberately left Lu Tiankuang outside the cave, which obviously did not trust him and made Lu Tiankuang dissatisfied.


Zhou Fei and others went deep all the way into a wide stone room, with five strange-shaped stones in the middle, which were the poisonous beasts worshipped by the witchcraft villagers. On the wall are some incomprehensible murals. You can’t recognize these totem marks. It can only be faintly seen that it is a kind of sacrifice, depicting a person resurreating from the dead in the sacrifice.


Everyone continued to go deep. Zhou Feizheng reminded everyone to be careful of the organ. Before the words fell, he suddenly fell into the organ with Xie Yun. The two accidentally entered the place where Lv Run lived before his death, and learned that Lv Run would study medicine for life only after his lover died. Lv Run’s suicide note pointed out that Fengfen Dan and Yang internal force guidance can relieve all kinds of poisons, but unfortunately Fengfen Dan is no longer available.


The chill here is so hard that ordinary people can’t stand it, not to mention Xie Yun’s cold body. Zhou Fei wanted to look around for organs to get out of this place, but he accidentally found a scroll similar to the mayflies array. At present, there is nowhere to go. Zhou Feiso studied it on the spot, but suddenly found that he could not move.


After Shen Tianshu entered, he also met a stone room, and a game painting on the wall aroused his idea. The person who applies blackspots in the painting holds white seeds in his hand, which makes Shen Tianshu associate himself with his own internal skills, which is yin and yang interlaced. Until the last layer, it is difficult for him to make a breakthrough in taking yin and yang. Perhaps the way of yin and yang are complementary.


After several twists and turns, Li Qian and others rarely met again after being separated by the organ, but they were quickly caught up by Shen Tianshu. Everyone hid in a stone room to avoid its sharp edge, but Shen Tianshu was seriously injured by the wrong mechanism.


There are many hidden weapons here, and the wall must be hollow in many places. Shen Tianshu simply gave up looking for organs and forcibly smashed open the wall with a huge pillar. The ashes of the wall fell and the stone wall vibrated. Seeing that the wall could not support it for a long time, Li Qian suddenly found that the stone tripod in the middle of the stone room was something strange.