Nov 17, 2020


At the beginning of episode 8 "PENTHOUSE: WAR IN LIFE" the people who saved Ro Na were the physical education teacher named Gu Ho Dong. When it was time for the physical education, he punished the students to run 10 rounds for fighting with Ro Na, but they objected.The students did not listen so he threatened to deduct the academic points so that they would obey. While running, Seok Kyung pretended to pass out, and was taken by her brother to the infirmary. At this time, Ro Na was being scolded by the supervisor for fighting, so she fell downstairs. Seo Jin talked to Gu Ho Dong, asking to cancel the penalty scores for the students because many parents objected. Yoon Hee went to Seon Jin to ask why Ro Na's music tutor previously worked here. Returning to the classroom, the classmates scolded her for her that they were punished.


Dan Tae brings a bouquet of black roses to Soo Ryun's work to give her. She asked Dan Tae if she knew the meaning of black rose, it was "You are forever mine" and "Hatred". Then Joo Dan Tae, lawyer Lee Gyu Jin and doctor Ha Yoon Chul met to discuss the investment and business plan of the land, if the investment capital will be 5 times more profitable. Their plan was overheard by Soo Ryun. Soo Ryun vowed to confront Dan Tae.


Dan Tae called for a meeting with Seo Jin when her husband overheard. Yoon Chul doubted her questioning, he and Seo Jin quarreled then Seo Jin left. Yoon Chul took Seo Jin's phone and knew where the two of them met. Soo Ryun is taking care of Seok Kyung, asking her how she is studying, and Dan Tae questioning her son why he thinks he's the one who killed Seol A. Seok Hoon overheard  conversation of Dan Tae and Seo Jin and accidentally knew about the two of them having an affair. And Ha Eun Byul was haunted by the death of Seol A. Seol Jin saw that her daughter was so scared, she lead her daughter went to the room where Seol A was killed for face to face fear herself. Seol Jin wants Eun Byul to be the best so she makes her practice in this room otherwise she will lock her up here.


Yoon Hee, worried that it was too late to see her daughter home, called Soo Ryun for help, when Soo Ryun accidentally met Ro Na on the way and drove her home and sent her some gifts. Ro Na asked her mother if she was jealous of teacher Seol Jin and hurt herself and blamed Seol Jin. Yoon Hee cried saying that no one believed her, not even her daughter. At this time, Ro Na understood everything and trusted her mother.


In the choir singing competition, the teacher chose Ro Na with the mezzo voice but she objected because her voice is a soprano, so the teacher asked her to sing a song to show her abilities. After she finished singing all the students and teachers were amazed and admitted that her voice was a soprano. Yoon Hee went to Soo Ryun's workplace, Soo Ryun wanted Yoon Hee and her mother to move to Hera Palace and invited Yoon Hee to go to the movies. Seol Jin went to a date with Dan Tae, her husband secretly watched. Yoon Hee went to the movies with Soo Ryun accidentally met Dan Tae and Seol Jin at the cinema.


Yoon Hee tried to stop Soo Ryun from entering the theater but she insisted on breaking in and caught Dan Tae and Seol Jin kissing. Yoon Hee and Soo Ryun went out to drink together, Yoon Hee talked about her dead husband, who cheated after being drunk and fell on the railing, leaving her in debt. It turned out that everything was planned by Soo Ryun in advance to gain Yoon Hee's trust. Yoon Chul then called Yoon Hee to the pub, apologizing to her that the past had left her. Because he was too drunk, Yoon Hee took him home and went to the parking lot to meet lawyer Lee. Seol Jin then learned that her husband met Yoon Hee was extremely angry but pretended like nothing.

Soo Ryun asked Yoon Hee to auction the land Dan Tae plans to invest. Then Yoon Hee won the bid. Between the three of them there is a dispute, blaming each other. Yoon Hee and Soo Ryun celebrate the victory. Yoon Hee buys many expensive things for her daughter. That night, while sleeping, she dreamed of Seol A.