Nov 24, 2020

In episode 9, Soo Ryeon was suddenly intimidated by the orphanage director. He threatens if Su Ryeon doesn't save him from jail he will tell Min Seol A is your daughter to Joo Dan Tae.


Initially, Su Ryeon panicked, fearing that the information that was revealed would be in danger and that his revenge plan would be ruined. This episode, she sometimes let her guard down, almost revealed all of her secrets. Joo Dan Tae - Cheon Seo Jin all started to suspect Su Ryeon.


It is worth mentioning that all of them are due to Su Ryeon's daring but clever arrangement. This gentle and friendly girl is getting more and more intelligent. Promises she will explode in the next episodes.


After saving Yoon Hee from being kidnapped, the relationship between Dr. Ha and her is increasingly complicated. Especially after Seo Jin's cheating was discovered by her husband. I really don't know if Dr. Ha wants to get back to Yoon Hee or simply help her.


While the tension of Seo Jin and Yoon Hee peaked, the friction between the two girls simultaneously appeared, from the past, about children, to husband. Oh Yoon Hee officially joined Hera Palace. The battle is getting more and more powerful and thrilling here.