"Search: WWW" released newest teaser Im Soo Jung x Jang Ki Young



In the poster, one day when the pink petal drifts in the spring breeze, Tae Mi (Im Soo Jung) and Park Mo Geon (Jang Ki Young) face each other. Though it is a little distance away, Tae Mi and Mo Geon's eyes, which seem to have deep emotions, give some kind of pounding. At the same time, it is doubtful that Tae Mi and Park Mo Geon, who are more in love than ever, are getting into each other's daily life through a first meeting. 


In the teaser video released, Tae Mi and Park Mo Geon's small routine, which has become even more delightful, spontaneously smiles. One night when the rain sounded out of the window, two pictures of people listening to something with earphones in one hand. Park Mo Geon says "I like it" in a word of "I'm good?". Expresses more than just a sadness, and expects a perfect chemistry synergy with Im Soo Jung



"Search: WWW" is first broadcast on June 5 at 9:30 pm


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